The reasons for sleeping a lot when women

The causes of sleeping a lot in women Sleep problems vary between insomnia and its opposite and is the increase in sleep and permanent drowsiness, if you are a lady suffering from frequent sleep and a feeling of sleepiness, read with us to know the causes of this phenomenon, which will help you in reaching To treat and solve this problemThe main reason for drowsiness is not getting enough sleep and rest during the night, usually associated with a person’s lifestyle and style, but there are some other causes and disorders that contribute to this problem.

Although the difficulty of sleep and insomnia most widespread but there is a large segment of people suffer from frequent sleep and today we will inform you in the forum of marital life for the most important reasons for the large number of sleep .. Know them through the following:The reasons for sleeping a lot when women

A disorder in the secretion of thyroid hormone to the resulting hormones, very little secretion makes the patient feel the need for more permanent sleep, and feeling lazy.

The occurrence of some disorders and changes in secretions at the completion of adulthood for both sexes, is one of the causes of sleepiness and frequent sleep.

  • The reasons for sleeping a lot when women

Maintaining some medications containing high levels of sedatives and hypnotic substances increases the feeling of sleepiness.

Deficiency in bedtime hours such as nighttime, daytime sleep, and lack of adherence to a certain sleep and wake-up time system cause permanent discomfort and frequent sleep.

Psychiatric disorders and depression are among the leading causes of frequent sleep, as they are considered a smuggler and refuge for them to rest and forgetfulness.

First, you need to determine whether you are actually sleeping for hours or not. A normal person needs about 6 to 8 hours of sleep. This also varies from person to person, but if you exceed your 11-hour sleep For example, this is considered excessive sleep, which makes you feel lazy all the time and you need more sleep. 
Try to go to sleep every day at about the same time, because that trains your biological clock to sleep and wake up at about the same time. 
Try to reduce the number of hours of sleep gradually, such as removing half an hour every week, because the sudden transition to a new system does not help much, but exhausting the body.

  • The reasons for sleeping a lot when women

Pregnant women should drink fluids during the day and reduce them during the night. Also in the last third of pregnancy pregnant women are advised to sleep on her left side because the blood flow is easier and advised to avoid sleep on the back. One of the most common problems faced by pregnant women is the problem of persistent acidity, especially when sleeping, so it is recommended to place cushions raise the head and avoid citrus and spices. Exercise is also recommended on a daily basis. You should follow a diet to eat snacks from 4 to 5 snacks, which helps to reduce the feeling of nausea. After you feel a lot of ladies disorders branded postpartum depression , and for many reasons , including cut off sleep and irregular and not taking enough time to sleep because of the large number of the mother to breastfeed her child , and affect the daily activity during the morning, leading often to feel extremely depressed.

What happens in a woman’s body every month is caused by disorders Directly affects the period and quality of sleep in women and therefore because the female hormones occur by significant changes increase the need for women to sleep days before the beginning of the cycle ranging from two to three days or during the menstrual cycle, a natural need of the body to sleep to keep it in a state of rest and tranquility The need to consult a doctor because they are normal cases occur for the majority of women there is also the pregnancy period, which occur a lot and a lot of changes within the body of women and increase the hormones and change the system of the body to fully equip it to form the fetus and all these changes such as vomiting, fatigue, nausea and acidity in the period The first trimester, which is one of the most difficult periods of pregnancy, requires a lot of rest, which makes the body sensitive to the excessive need to sleep and sleep hours of 10 hours a day. Then comes the second trimester of pregnancy, which is the next three months in which the number of hours of women is a little and can return to their nature because the hormone progesterone increases slightly in the body. Then comes third third and last of pregnancy, which increases the size of the fetus and impedes the mother of movement easily and this is reflected on sleep becomes uncomfortable and the number of hours of sleep is less than normal because of pressure on the bladder and the movement of the fetus continues. The period of birth and subsequent months of the first following is one of the most difficult stages of women physically and psychologically because of the loss of the mother during the pregnancy of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, which appear on them and increase the fatigue and pain beside the effort required to take care of the child and homework duties and functions,

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