The reason for hearing the heart rate in the ear

Hear the heartbeat in the ear, do you hear a noise in your ears like heartbeat and do not know why? This is called an objective pulse tone, which is characterized by a tone that the examining doctor can hear.Hear the heartbeat in the ear

It is the primary organ of the circulatory system that pumps blood to all members of the body by constricting regularly to pump blood and circulate it through the blood vessels. 
The heart is composed of four chambers that work in cooperation: the chambers on the right side contain the non-wet and non-oxygenated blood, while the left chambers contain clean blood containing oxygen. Pericardium is separated from the right and left chambers in order to prevent the mixing of oxygenated and non-oxygenated bloodHear the heartbeat in the ear

The outer ear has two main parts, the ear flap and the outer auditory tunnel. The function of the filament is to collect the sound waves and transmit them to the external auditory tunnel, and most of its structure is cartilage, whereas the earlobe is the only part that does not contain any cartilage. 
The auditory tunnel is the road that leads to the eardrum. It separates the outer ear and the middle ear. It contains hair, sweat glands and glands that secrete the ear gum to protect it from bacteria and fungi. 
The ear is the organ that enables us to hear and maintain the balance of the body and consists of three parts each with a role to play; the external ear is the function and the function of collecting sounds and moving to the middle ear, through the auditory canal, the eardrum is a thin membrane covering the end of the auditory canal, Simple is an aesthetic

  •  High blood pressure.
  •  Anemia.
  • Hyperthyroidism.
  • Psychological neurosis.
  • Bone deformity in the walls of the middle ear, so that the bone between the middle ear and the internal carotid artery that passes under the middle ear floor on the way from the neck to the inside of the cranium and head is very thin or absent, then the blood flow to the middle ear more clearly.
  • Carotid artery blood in the neck is an expansion of the artery wall due to weakness in its structure and jugular vein tumors in the neck, skull base.
  • The arterial sclerosis in the neck arteries, which causes narrowing in the arteries of the neck, and therefore the blood sounds a voice when passing within this narrowing heard in the middle ear.
  • This is the most common and most common cause. The most common cause of hearing loss is ear blockage, ear infection, and otitis media, both of which cause the ear to be isolated from the outside.The use of cotton ear cleaning pads is more harmful to the ear than it cleans the ear canal of earwax, as it may remove some wax and push the wax inside to stick to the drum membrane and accumulate, to block the hearing, and then it is inevitable to review the specialist diseases of ears to clean the hearing from this Wax.You should leave this bad habit by using these rods and replace them by cleaning the groove with a thin handkerchief that wraps on the finger and cleans the wax that reaches the normal opening of the ear canal. The ear releases this wax outward.In case of cleaning the ear of the specialist, and did not go to this voice, it is necessary to conduct surveys to deny one of the reasons I mentioned earlier, these surveys include clinical examination and Eko Doppler of the neck, may require vascular imaging of the shadow and CT and axonal nuclear magnetic resonance of the neck and the corners of the skull.

Hear the heartbeat in the ear1 – anxiety and stress and psychological pressure and fear and fatigue of the most important reasons2 – instability 3 – increase in thyroid activity 4 – a narrow neck veins. 5 – smoking – coffee or tea before bedtime 6 – eating fatty foods. 7 – Exercise before bedtime. 8 – high ratio 9 – sleep on the left side 10 – asthma

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