The problem of obesity in children

If your child is obese, you may be wondering how you can help him get rid of that problem, or even if your child is an ideal weight, you may need to know how you can keep it from obesity and its problems.

According to experts, dieting and exercise is not really a good idea with the child, making him feel persecuted and therefore unhappy. Instead, encourage everyone in your family to change their eating habits to healthy habits because the child is always followed by Around him.

This helps the chubby child to stop at this weight, then when he grows, his length will increase and he will become an ideal weight, and the same for a child who does not have obesity and teach him proper eating habits will keep his weight.

What are these healthy eating habits for your child?

First habit: Eat a meal together

As far as possible, try to have this meal on your trip as a family at a specific time. You may see this strange way to maintain your child’s weight, but experts say it is an effective way to lower obesity. When you cook in your home you can control the menu Everyone is eating healthy, and this habit also strengthens the connection and cohesion of family members.

Second habit: Do not make your child choose the menu by himself

If you do this, your child will choose to eat fast food and pizza every day. Cook healthy, nutritious meals full of vegetables, whole grains and dairy products. Give them to your child directly or indirectly. Your child may not like her at first but do not despair. Of food will try to try it one day.

In the beginning you will have to be firm with him, and you can make him choose, but within the limits of what you propose, and in the end will undergo and eat from the two of the healthy food.

You can do some tricks that help the child to love healthy eating. Try making animal shapes of fruits and vegetables. You can also take him to buy vegetables and fruit from the store and then prepare them with you in the kitchen, which may motivate the child to taste what he has bought and cut.

Habit 3: Try to reduce your TV viewing time

Studies have shown a strong correlation between TV viewing and obesity, so your child should not be more than two hours a day and would prefer not to see it for the first two years.

The easiest way to reach any goal is to set an example for you in the family. You can do this by reducing yourself to TV. You will definitely face a rebellion and escape to other screens such as computers or video games. Keep calm and try to do activities your child loves such as drawing, cycling or Any of his favorite games.

Fourth habit: Do not watch your child

In the end, it is a child, but if you find it out of control, put the chocolate tray in a bowl of fruit until you find a healthy alternative to eat, and remember that you are the one who goes out to buy the household supplies. You are responsible for reducing the quantities of sweets inside your home

Habit 5: Teach your child how to deal with stress of life

Studies have shown that a child who is under nerve pressure is more likely to be obese, but life is not without concern even for the child. He has small concerns about the family or school. You can help him by talking to him about his problems or directing the advice to talk to a friend. He likes football, for example, as sport relieves pressure

Habit 6: Sleep

Sleeping well enough helps get rid of obesity The best you can do is teach your child the importance of sleep for his health, provided him with evidence that this may help him to feel comfortable and focus in school,

Habit 7: Use your family doctor

If you do not feel well after months of following these tips, ask your doctor for help

Finally, the most important way to help your family change their eating habits is to stick to your plan and stay there even with a lot of controversy and discussion and over time you will be able to successfully establish new eating habits that will benefit them throughout their lives

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