The pregnant woman knows about small tricks that make the fetus move inside you

Many pregnant women wait to see their baby and feel, and mothers especially with the first pregnancy in the last months of pregnancy feel the desire to move the fetus and feel its movements within the uterus and worry when it stops moving for some time.

“Your health today” offers you simple tips and tricks to feel your child’s movements and a moving trigger:

Change the way you sit

On a national time to change your sitting position spontaneously and you will feel the movement of your child, they will be in a certain situation and you are changing, which makes the movement move.

Eating sweets

The studies proved that eating a pregnant woman for some sweets makes the fetus feel it too and its taste makes it move and dance sometimes to feel joy inside

Press the side of your belly

Softly press on the side of your little belly and wait to see your child move. He will certainly be upset.

Enjoy the music

Enjoy quiet music with a relaxed feeling that makes your child in a state of pleasure which drives him to move a little.

Drink cold water

Drinking cold water makes the baby wake up from sleep and move some movements when awake and feel it.

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