The pregnant lifestyle affects the fetus

The lifestyle and diet of women before pregnancy can play a crucial role in a child’s health after birth.

Professor Berthold Kulitsko of the Health for Life Network in Bonn, Germany, recommends that women who want to have children should start pregnancy with normal weight. In addition, eating should be avoided for two individuals during pregnancy, taking care to exercise.Pregnancy with the IUD does not represent an impact on pregnancy

“It helps to prevent women from gaining weight during pregnancy and to prevent them from contracting gestational diabetes, which also contributes to preventing the fetus from doing so,” says the German doctor.

For example, if the pregnant woman has gestational diabetes and has a constant blood sugar, this will result in overproduction of the fetus. Thus, the child will not only suffer from weight gain at birth, but will also face the risk of subsequent obesity and associated diseases such as diabetes .

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