The most important symptoms of vitamin D deficiency phenomenon

Vitamin D is specially derived from the sun’s rays, which in turn contributes to the body’s rapid absorption of calcium, which strengthens the bones, gives the body energy and strength to carry out normal activities with all activity and vitality. When the body lacks natural vitamin D, it faces many health problems, Feeling tired and tired all the time, in addition to many of the most important symptoms of vitamin D deficiency phenomenon and which we review together in the following lines.Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in women

  • Helps the body absorb calcium effectively, which in turn strengthens bones and protects joints.
  • Free radicals are not responsible for cancer.
  • Strengthens the immune system, protecting the body from viral infections and spread of infection.
  • Repeated bone infection and bone pain.
  • Joint pain.
  • General weakness of the whole body and public health.
  • Feeling tired, tired, and accompanying pain all over the body.
  • Osteoporosis, and osteoporosis.
  • Thighs in children because of the lack of absorption of the body of calcium because of the lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency causes

  • Stay away from the sun and not to be exposed in a way that allows the body to activate vitamin D.
  • The wrong diet, which lacks various vitamins and most important vitamin D.
  • Increase the rate of fat and calories in the body, which lose vitamin D importance, the body can not benefit from it.
  • Vitamin D production in the body decreases with age, so older people suffer from bone and joint diseases continuously.
  • Problems that activate Vitamin D to be able to function, but the kidney failure and injury in some way stops the activation of vitamin D.
  • Problems and intestines, especially the small intestine.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Because vitamin D is an important element in maintaining the strength of the body and its vitality and vitality, you must know the most important sources through which you can supply the body with vitamin D

  • The body should be exposed to sunlight continuously, preferably between sunrise and 10 am, or after 4 pm.
  • It is always recommended to resort to dietary supplements to compensate for severe nutrient deficiencies, to re-energize and strength the body again.
  • Including fish, especially salmon, tuna and mackerel.
  • Eat liver.
  • Rich cream full-fat, in addition to milk.
  • Yolk is one of the richest foods with vitamin D.

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