The most important symptoms and signs of early pregnancy

Pregnancy means that a woman will achieve her dream of being a mother and when it happens, there are some changes that occur in her body and nature, which affect in one way or another the members of her body and the skin of her body.

Signs of confirmed pregnancy 

the skin

A change in the color of the skin becomes more decadence and this is evident in the breasts of the breasts, armpits, thighs and genitals of any sensitive areas in the skin and also show some aliases in parts of the skin.

Some symptoms appear in the morning, which disappear during the time of the day, such as redness of the hands and swelling of the lips and eyelids and the increase of hair in the eyebrows and the appearance of skin follicles on the sides of the neck and face and chest and under the armpits and these symptoms disappear after several months And do not continue in most cases.

The two breasts

One of the most affected areas in the body of a pregnant woman, where they appear hypertrophy and become very sensitive and full and the swelling of the nipples and halters that surround them and become more black and increase the glands surrounding them and filled with oil and helps to make the two moisturizers So that they are compatible with breastfeeding.

Thermal rash

Pregnant women are sweating more than normal women because of the effect of hormones on their thyroid glands. This condition is called the thermal rash and is one of the most exposed areas of the lower abdomen, breasts and genitals.

the heart

The blood pump from the heart increases by 50 percent in the first trimester and is accompanied by severe constipation, which may be a sign of early pregnancy .

Mucous secretions

Nasal congestion occurs and is prescribed with abdominal pain, back pain, dizziness, inability to eat and increased snoring in the first trimester.

Vaginal bleeding

Pregnant women suffer from every five pregnant women and is not dangerous in most cases. The risk is determined by the amount of bleeding, its duration, its quality and its continuity. It occurs most often in the early period of pregnancy and may bleed a hidden bleeding called the bleeding of nesting. During which the egg that has been vaccinated to be implanted in the internal lining of the uterus, but should be concerned if it is severe and in large quantities and if accompanied by pain and cramps in the abdomen and went out with some tissues and the woman was infected with fever should be consulted with the specialist immediately.

General trouble

The body of the woman suffers some problems that affect the different parts of it negatively, such as sleep heavily and increase body temperature and swelling of the gums and the sense of itching in the skin and the incidence of fungi due to increased secretions of the vagina and the incidence of headaches and nausea and heartburn and acidity and feeling of taste Is desirable in the mouth and urination continuously and the incidence of weakness and general weakness in the body.

These symptoms do not occur to all women and vary between them but must be known to take the necessary precautions and know the correct ways to deal with them.

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