The most important sources of potassium food

According to medical reports, getting the body to its potassium needs reduces the risk of death by 20 percent. This mineral is considered to be one of the seven most important nutrients in the body. It is essential for the muscles to contract, especially the heart muscle. It also helps balance the fluid, the electrical balance within the body, improve metabolism and control blood pressure. Between 3500 and 4700 mg of potassium is needed every day, and there is little potassium in processed foods. Here is the amount of potassium in every 100 grams of the following foods:

Spinach 558 mg. 
* Avocado 485 mg. 
* Beef 421. 
* Potatoes 421. 
* Sweet Potatoes 337 mg. 
* Bananas 358 mg. 
* White beans 307 mg. 
* Cauliflower 229 mg. 
* Squash 261 mg. 
* Tomatoes 237 mg. 
* Eggplant 229 mg. 
* Bovine milk cup 150 mg. 
* Eggs 126 mg. 
* Watermelon 112 mg. 
* Apples 107 mg. 
* 35 mg rice.

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