The most important herbs that help to treat delayed pregnancy in women

The dream of motherhood is frequented by many married women. After a period of marriage and failure of the dream, psychological pressure begins on the spouses of the parents, and there are many natural herbs that help you activate the egg and pregnancy of women. In the following article we know the most important herbs:

– Drink a cup or two cups a day of sage and marqouche where it has many benefits to activate the egg and the occurrence of pregnancy

– Cinnamon drink with fig leaf in water daily, it helps to clean the uterus and regulate hormones

– Taking a stand of honey with beeswax and the blessing of the pond

– Hanging of pollen is useful for men to increase semen and stimulate sperm

– Eat a mixture of crushed cinnamon, ring and black bean, just put these amounts in boiled water, then leave the mixture one night and is taken on the second day of the menstrual cycle.

– Dates are useful for activating ovulation and pregnancy

– Ring and anise to stimulate the action of hormones naturally

– Love Rashad grain pool mixed time mixed together and take a teaspoon on the stomach and before sleep from the second day of the session to the last day of them for three months.

– Drink camel’s milk with a pinch of saliva on the saliva daily

– A glass of grape juice in the evening, it helps to calm the muscles of the uterus, and in preparing for pregnancy.

– Avoid sugar and salt to increase the chances of pregnancy and ovarian activation

– Avoid junk food, which causes obesity and reduces the chances of pregnancy

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