The most difficult stages of quitting smoking

Smoking is a habit that a person begins when he thinks that when he wants to quit, he will be able to find himself with time and unconsciously. It turns into an addiction and can not be dispensed with, and the experience turns into a bad habit and addiction. Although smoking is not comparable to drug addiction, It is not easy to take off. It needs determination, and in some cases, medical intervention, so you want to quit smoking. You should know very well about the stages you will go through and what are the most difficult stages of quitting smoking.

Smoking is more than one of the most common means of cigarettes or shisha. It is known as inhaling and tasting the tobacco after it burns. It starts as a kind of experience or a person believes that it is self-evident. Some religious communities around the world use smoking as a spiritual ritual.

It takes about 5 weeks at least to say that a person has already quit smoking, and certainly it varies from person to person, depending on the duration of smoking, But usually there are some common stages, and we will determine the most difficult in the following points.

At that point the smoker will not quit smoking but will start to identify all the psychological conditions that pass through the day, when he wants to smoke, and the number of times of smoking and record all the details even simple ones.

This week you do not smoke more than 3 cigarettes throughout the day, when you feel like just smoking and not just because you’re bored, and you have to insist on that, you will definitely feel upset at that point but do not give up and follow.

The third week is the most difficult on the trip. We will definitely stop smoking, get rid of all the habits you recorded in your first week, get rid of all your smoking habits, and avoid your friends. Smokers at this point. Start exercising, talk to some parents. And friends to get psychosocial support, chewing gum, will help you overcome the desire to smoke, nuts also, you can also put nicotine patches available in pharmacies, will give you a very simple amount of nicotine to go beyond that stage.

At the beginning of the fourth week, the smoker has exceeded the most difficult stage and must be here to continue and complete the flight take off, so get rid of the effects of smoking completely, and continue to move away from smoking and smoking, and eat healthy and continued to exercise, and you can go to a doctor if you need to More help, with the beginning of the fifth week to be near healing completely, but as we mentioned earlier may vary from person to person.

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