The most dangerous 4 foods on cholesterol

Monitoring the level of harmful cholesterol and good blood is vital when monitoring its height, because the accumulation of harmful quality within the arteries leads to blockage and the occurrence of clots. In general, the more unhealthy the diet, the greater the inflammation of the body, and the greater the risk to the heart. To avoid high cholesterol, keep away from foods rich in it, the most important: * Fried food in high-temperature oil increases inflammation of the body, and contains the fats converted by high temperature; cause the accumulation of cholesterol and fat on the walls of the arteries.

* Meat processed is rich in fat and harmful cholesterol, especially red meat Kalanchon, sausage, salami and burgers.

* Soda drinks are a factor in high cholesterol in the blood, and in general all foods and drinks rich in sugar cause the increase of triglycerides and cholesterol harmful to the body.

* Bread and white rice do not contain fibers, which remove cholesterol from the intestine before reaching the blood. Eat brown bread, brown rice, vegetables and legumes with meat and animal products containing cholesterol.

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