The most common causes of menstrual irregularity

Irregular menstruation

Dr. Mohamed Habib, a consultant on gynecology and obstetrics, explains that many women are afraid of menstrual irregularities, but most often the reason for this is due to simple hormonal causes.

He points out that we must first know the concept of delay so that we can measure the situation as the regular cycle is that occur every interval between 25-35 days and in the case of delay, it means delay and irregularity.

Shows that there are many reasons for menstrual irregularities, including hormonal disorders due to the irregularity of the psychological state of women or the result of disorders in the thyroid or pituitary may also occur as a result of either excessive weight or weight reduction quickly, and surprisingly, any rapid change in weight affects the regularity The process of menstruation.

In the case of women reaching the late 1940s, irregularity may be the beginning of menopause, which is normal and commonplace and should not concern them.

This disorder may be due to problems in ovulation, which requires treatment with a specialist.

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