The most beautiful models

Couture Show

Is a group of girls who display a collection of costumes by wearing them instead of display games; to give the dresses the real shape that will appear when the piece when wearing.

Fashion is a way or means to advertise a collection of costumes designed with the style, art and thought of a particular fashion designer. Each style differs from one designer to another, so the fashion should match the shape, nature and style of the clothing shown. The designs presented, to be formed in front of the viewer with a very impressive painting.

The models have been characterized over time in a particular way, and with certain features closer to the imagination, either through length, weight or specific details of the body, and thus became a match for the fashion models dream of every girl.

Characteristics of fashion models

The origin of the show is the clothing itself, but the fashion model is no less important than the clothes it offers; it moves the designers’ drawings from paper to nature, the main engine of the show; the presentation on the natural body gives a real and tangible form of what will be the piece of clothing Which is presented by the exhibitor and not just as shown on the women’s simulated dress, which in turn has led to the flourishing of the fashion industry. This industry has developed into a trade under the name of “keeping pace with the annual fashion”, which has increased the demand for women to watch fashion shows, The bodies of mannequins in adult fitness.

The tradition of fashion models is more negative than positive; the excessive obsession with possessing the flamboyant body of model bodies has become a dream for many girls, which leads them to do insane things to possess the same body; such as harsh diets that bring the body to the point of humor ), And the disease, and there are some of the girls, and unfortunately some famous fashion models follow the wrong methods to get a body as agile as the return of food intake after swallowing Mary by means of forcing the girl herself to take the food out of the mouth.

In the modern era there has been a new trend for fashion models; there are some shows where women are bigger and more fat than the thin models, some of them obese, and this is good for girls who may do the impossible to possess skinny bodies such as mannequins , The fashion model is often a higher example of girls corresponding to the height, the emergence of models of overweight weight of self-confidence of girls in fashion, they do not become the concern is agility; they tend to elegance instead, which is essential for the creation of fashion A No.

In spite of the many specifications of fashion models, but the world of fashion still dazzles us with the most beautiful spectacles of beautiful beauty, and we will talk about some of these models who are on the list of the most beautiful models in the world.

The most beautiful models

Heidi Klum

The show program, in which the talented designers race to design their uniforms and show them to the rulers, and remove them one after the other, to win the best designer to show his fashion at the Fashion Week. New York. Kallum has shown her talent for television presentation, production and acting.

Tyra Banks

She was the first black-haired black-skinned model to cross the border; the first black-skinned show was on the cover of the World Victoria (Victoria Secret 1997) , And began to honor and win the annual prize for fashion models, and thus became a crowned as the first American model of African origin to be honored. It also has its famous program (The Tyra Banks Shaw), which has become one of the most famous American programs.

Naomi Campbell

She is an English-born model who took the title of Jewel or Black Diamond, one of the most famous black-skinned models in the world. Her beauty is different from that of her predecessor, Tyra. She has a Jamaican African-African beauty and is currently retired since 1998, With a cosmetics company and launched a number of special perfumes, and yet still draws attention between men and women and press cameras.

Claudia Schaefer

She is one of the most beautiful and most famous models, and this model of German origin, born in 1965, has helped her beauty and charming and slim to draw attention to her and enter the fashion world, which requires high specifications. She entered the world at a very young age and was very successful from her first show. A few years later, she became the world’s first exhibitor. She was overwhelmed by performances from the biggest fashion houses such as Chanel SA, The most important of which was Time magazine. She also worked in the field of film art; she participated in the film True Love, and a children’s film entitled Richie Richie.

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