The main causes of vaginal itching and treatment methods

Vaginal itching Most women encounter at least once a year There are many factors that cause vaginal itching, including vaginal dryness or infection or allergies to some detergents or the quality of underwear and it is important to identify the causes of vaginal itching and to make it easier for you to feel the sense of repeated vaginal itching .

Common causes of vaginal itching

The most common cause of vaginal itching is bacterial infection, vaginal dryness or vaginal fungal infection


Bacterial vaginitis is a common cause of vaginal itching. This occurs when the natural balance of the bacteria in the vagina is disturbed, and there is an increase in the number of harmful bacteria from the normal limit. Symptoms of vaginal itching include the feeling of pain during urination, burning, the appearance of bad vaginal odors and the necessary antibiotic treatment which can be prescribed by the gynecologist.

Dry vagina

Vaginal dryness occurs as a result of several factors, including aging or imbalance in the hormonal system with the low level of estrogen, which causes dry vagina and the desire to want vaginal itching and burning, especially during the marital relationship. The dryness of the vagina can be eliminated by drinking plenty of water, using external moisturizers or using some external estrogen creams, which should be consulted by a doctor.

Vaginal fungi

Vaginal fungal infection is very similar in its symptoms to bacterial infection. It is painful during urination, with an excessive desire to rub the vagina from time to time. The causes of vaginal fungal infections are caused by unclean or non-irritable clothing. 
The treatment of vaginal fungi by taking anti-fungal medicines, whether with grain or external creams, with the use of vaginal cleaner or shower after vaginal examination gynecologist.

Tips to get rid of vaginal itching

– Be careful about the quality of underwear and the selection of cotton species and away from the types manufactured from artificial fibers that increase the moisture of the vagina, causing the growth of bacteria causing vaginal itching and  bad vaginal odor .

– Pay attention to the change of underwear once or twice a day to prevent the infection of vaginal fungus

– Good personal care is the most important methods of treatment of vaginal itching and the rules not to repeat again

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