The main causes of delayed menstrual cycle

Some girls and women complain of the problem of irregular menstrual cycle or delayed menstrual cycle. In the following article we find out the causes of delayed menstrual cycle for girls and married women and what is the relationship between delayed menstruation and pregnancy and the reasons for delayed menstruation without pregnancy.

There are many reasons that lead to the delay of the menstrual cycle and the most famous ones.

Psychological factor

The feeling of tension and psychological changes lead to irregularity of the work of hormones in the brain which adversely affects the work of these hormones and lead to delayed menstrual cycle.

Rapid weight loss

Women complain monthly about the pain caused by the menstrual cycle, but if the delay of their periods begins to worry and ask why the delay. If a woman is pregnant without menstruation is normal but what are the causes of menstrual delay in non-pregnant women? The reasons are numerous and we will give you the following:

Heavy weight loss and severe exercise affect the release of estrogen in your body, which can lead to delayed menstruation.

Contraceptive pills

One of the side effects of contraceptive use is delayed menstruation after you stop taking it, so you do not have to worry if your period is delayed after abstaining from these methods.

Polycystic ovaries

PCOS is a disorder in the balance of hormones which leads to the lack of ovulation, which means a change in levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, and lead to the rise of male hormone in the blood, which leads to the disruption of ovulation and become menstrual irregular

Change in the biological clock

Anything that causes pressure on the body can cause delayed ovulation. For example, if you start a new job, travel or change your wake-up time, the body may need some time to adjust to that change. And if the change in routine to delay the date of ovulation and if this happens, the menstrual cycle will be delayed or even not occur.

Treatment of menstrual delay

Treatment depends on the underlying cause, changing medications, treating a hormonal disorder, or giving hormonal compensatory therapy that can restore the menstrual cycle.

If these causes are not regular menstrual cycle, they must be avoided immediately, because the length of the period of unrest and the lack of menstruation menstrual bleeding somewhat affects the lining of the uterus and fertility and reproduction in the future. 
Caution should also be taken from any normal prescribing of a menstrual cycle that may increase the problem and not solve it, due to poor diagnosis of the condition.

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