The Japanese Banana Diet benefits and the way it is implemented

This diet is one of the most common types of diets. It has been known in Japan for two thousand and eight years and has proved to be effective in reducing body weight, which has spread in the rest of the world.

Banana Diet Rules:

– Eat bananas at breakfast and you can eat four small bananas.

– Drink plenty of water and do not feel hungry or thirsty. Always drink water.

– You can have a banana or a banana in the afternoon as a light meal between the main meals.

– The last date is allowed for dinner at 8:00 pm.

– Make sure to sleep early before midnight because this is one of the most important rules for the success of this diet.

– Make sure that the bananas are fresh and not cooked or cooked.

– Exercise physical and motor activities and exercise.

Lunch and Dinner Rules in Banana Diet:

– These two meals allow you to eat what you want, but not excessive.

– Eat all kinds of fruits you want in the day and be sure to be one thing in the meal.

– It is better to avoid eating fries and fatty foods.

– Eat well and eat slowly.

– Eat only what fills your hunger, do not increase the intake of food and fill your stomach.

– Make sure that you drink water more than any other liquid and that the temperature at the same temperature room is not frozen or hot.

– You can drink other beverages but in small quantities such as coffee, tea and herbs.

– You can drink very low amounts of soft drinks.

– You can have an afternoon snack of any kind of sweets you like, but in a small amount and not at any other time of the day.

How the banana diet works:

Banana contains the fibers and starch that remain in the intestine for a long time gives you a sense of fullness and fullness and also give you the calories you need gradually, which makes them burn inside the body and do not store it And for the banana, which is called Banana resistant, Some of the benefits of soluble fiber and some benefits in insoluble fiber. It contributes to fat burning, reduces its storage in the body, improves metabolism and, for fiber, expels toxins, improves digestive function, and makes your ability To eat Less food.

Other Benefits of Bananas:

Contains plenty of vitamin B6 and vitamin C and good amounts of manganese and potassium. It is also more flexible than other foods because diet systems are flawed because its followers can not control their desire to eat but bananas make you feel full, which limits your appetite. In eating.

As with any other diet, you should consult your physician before you follow them to tell you if they are appropriate for your condition.

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