The irregular menstrual cycle .. Here are the reasons!

The lack of regular menstrual cycle or disorders of the problems that affect women’s mental health and cause mood change significantly, and sometimes may be symptoms of the menstrual cycle without the occurrence of the cycle, which increases the concern of the girl, and we provide you through your health today the most important causes of menstrual irregularity You have .

Causes of menstrual disorders

– Diet and exercise:

It is one of the factors that greatly affect the body in general as well as the regularity of your menstrual cycle and suffer from the large number of women practicing for professional sports so I have to follow a balanced diet and exercise appropriate for your body.

2- Thinness:

You may be thinner than you should affect the regularity of the session and may pass months without the arrival of thin women menstrual cycle so you lose at the expense of your body mass and identify the weight of you and try to pray for him.

3. Contraceptive methods:

There is no way to prevent or regulate pregnancy does not affect in one way or another hormones on the body of women and those changes affect the general mood and also the regularity of the session so consult with your doctor to make sure the most appropriate means and the least impact on you every woman is different from the other.

4- Drugs :

Some drugs have side effects that delay or cause irregularity of the menstrual cycle so be careful to read the internal newsletter always for the medicines you are taking.

So every woman should check with the doctor to make sure there are no other problems because sometimes they are irregular due to some problems or infections of the uterus.

Be sure to eat iron-rich foods and take a boost to your menstrual cycle to avoid irregular menstrual cycles.

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