The importance of knowing the days of ovulation for pregnancy

What are the days of ovulation .. And the importance of defying the days of ovulation and its relationship to pregnancy … How can determine the days of ovulation accurately?

The desire to conceive and conceive is the dream of all women, and newly married is feeling at a delay in pregnancy which may negatively affect her reproductive health. In most cases pregnancy delay is without health problems, but the concern and lack of knowledge of the appropriate ovulation times and days for pregnancy is delayed pregnancy.

When planning for pregnancy you should know your ovulation days, which indicate the most appropriate time for marriage and pregnancy, you should listen carefully to your body signals during the days of ovulation because it may be your guide to know the correct ovulation signs you have, here is a guide to know how to calculate ovulation times and choose the appropriate time for pregnancy:

Donny important information

You should record the following information accurately where you may be your correct guide to know the correct ovulation days

  1. Your last menstrual period
  2. When you feel your body temperature rise after your period
  3. Times of marital relationship
  4. Body temperature and ovulation

During ovulation days it happens that the temperature of the body is slightly higher than the normal state where the secretion of progesterone in the body during the days of ovulation and the temperature of the body of the signs of the days of ovulation is correct for you.

How to record body temperature and know days of ovulation days

Start measuring your body temperature from the day your menstrual period begins.

Patience do a body temperature measurement at the same time each day preferably in the morning before getting out of bed

Do not do anything like eating, wandering around the house, or eating cigarettes before you measure the temperature

Temperature can be measured by any type of measuring device, but it is recommended to use the same device each time and measure in the same place of the body.

Record the score regularly.

After a few months of heat recording, you will be able to easily know when the temperature is rising since menstruation. So ovulation occurs before this rise in temperature by a day or two. You can count on this in pregnancy planning next month.

Increased vaginal discharge

Increased cervical mucus of things that all women feel during the days of ovulation where the secretion of the uterus more secretions that help the movement of the sperm of the man so that pregnancy can occur and the closer the date of ovulation or ovulation you have the more secretions, and the form is transparent and without smell and you can observe In your underwear you have ovulation days.

Ovary pain

Feeling some pain on one side of the ovary during the days of ovulation is an indication of the exit of the egg from the ovary to the fallopian tube to prepare for enrichment and be the most appropriate forms of marital relationship for pregnancy.

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