The importance of breastfeeding for the mother

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that mother’s milk be kept as the main source of nourishment and nourishment for the child until the sixth month of pregnancy, and then continue breastfeeding with other foods given to the child after the month Most health authorities and governments around the world have emphasized the importance of breastfeeding and its positive impact on future generations.

The importance of breastfeeding for the mother:

– Breast feeding hormone contributes to the return of the uterus to its normal place, and also contribute to the breastfeeding of some of the contractions light and painless to the mother, which works on the flow of maternal blood and thus the speed of healing after birth.

– Breast-feeding reduces the complications of the mother during the first weeks after birth, and breast-feeding does not cause breast congestion.

– Breastfeeding reduces the rate of anxiety and tension in nursing, due to the secretion of hormone prolactin and oxytocin during breastfeeding, which brings the mother’s comfort and calm when the young baby gets her nipples and feel the importance of her role to satisfy the small and the only source of it.

Breastfeeding may delay menstruation after ovulation and may delay ovulation and delayed pregnancy, but each woman’s condition is different from the rest. We stress repeatedly that breastfeeding alone is not a contraceptive.

– Recent studies in the field of cancer treatment have shown the importance of breastfeeding in preventing and reducing breast and ovarian cancer.

– Breastfeeding with its hormones, which protects against osteoporosis and helps to delay the infection.

– Breastfeeding leads to the return of natural weight of the mother quickly because of burning about 500 calories during the process of breastfeeding.

– Breast feeding also contributes to the return of the shape of the breasts to an appropriate size and also contribute to the clearance of ductile ducts and thus avoid the incidence of infections in the breast.

– Breastfeeding contributes to the prevention of chronic diseases for nursing mothers such as prevention of obesity and cardiovascular disease and increase blood fat.

– Breastfeeding provides the mother with money and time and is a source of clean food for the child at an appropriate temperature

– Breastfeeding helps the mother in the flow of her tenderness for her child as well as the embrace gives them both immunity and psychological health.

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