The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy you may feel

Knowing that you are pregnant is a happy occasion in the lives of most women, new mothers may be much anxious about what to expect during pregnancy, can sometimes be the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy things that can not be distinguished from other displays , and offer “your health today “The first few years and symptoms can not be expected to indicate your pregnancy at an early stage.

Contractions and drops of some blood drops

Some blood drops may occur during the first 6 to 12 days after pregnancy. When the fetus implants itself in the uterine wall, some women may feel some contractions in the uterine wall or some intermittent colic.

Delayed menstrual cycle

One of the classic pregnancy signs that confirm the occurrence of pregnancy, as soon as the fertilization of the egg and began the stage of pregnancy occur some hormonal changes in the body, which leads to the failure of the arrival of the menstrual cycle in the expected time, although some women may occur a drop of some blood drops, The uterus and the amount of blood is very low and does not accompany the symptoms of the usual menstrual cycle.

Changes in chest area

The feeling of pain in the breast with some light twitching and intermittent is one of the first signs of pregnancy that may be felt by women and occurs as a result of hormonal changes to alert the breast cells to prepare for the arrival of a new baby and processing for the generation of milk after birth, and these pains in the breast after two weeks of fertilization of the egg and the occurrence of pregnancy.

Feeling tired and tired

The feeling of wanting to sleep for long periods with the feeling of constant fatigue is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy occurring during the week of pregnancy as a result of the rise of progesterone during the first week of pregnancy, causing the desire to sleep with the feeling of constant fatigue.


The tendency to nausea and dizziness with the desire to vomit from common pregnancy symptomsoccurring within a week of pregnancy. Some women may experience the tendency to vomit and lack of desire to eat due to the sudden rise of estrogen in the blood due to pregnancy. Some women may not feel nausea during the three period The first months of pregnancy.

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Food craving (pregnancy fever)

The craving of a particular type of unusual foods such as the desire to eat too many pickles or fruit is not likable by what is known as pregnancy fever and occurs as a result of the change in the hormones of the body and sometimes accompanied by an increase in the sense of smell in the pregnant, with the attachment of some smells in the nose for a period or aversion Of some smells such as the smell of smoking and some foods, and pregnancy and pregnancy is a sure sign of pregnancy in most women.

Mood changes

The feeling of distress or desire to cry or to dislike the husband sometimes or joy and grief is one of the symptoms of pregnancy encountered by women during the first week of pregnancy as a result of the sudden rise of estrogen after pregnancy, and may continue symptoms of pregnancy of one month three months.

Finally: early pregnancy symptoms vary from one woman to another, you may feel women ‘s symptoms of pregnancy are all or some of them or do not feel it at all, but remain some of the symptoms of pregnancy the certain which are needed for each woman , such as the delay of the menstrual cycle, can be when a coincidence of these symptoms use the pregnancy test home To confirm the pregnancy beforepregnancy test in the blood.

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