The fastest way to treat clitoral or Hiccups

Hazoukah is a common condition that affects millions of people and is defined as a group of involuntary movements that affect the diaphragm and cause contractions resulting in the passage of air in the trachea through the vocal cords to produce the distinctive sound of the thrombosis. The violent vibration of the vocal cords, although not produced by a loud voice or an important presentation, may be somewhat painful and cause great discomfort due to involuntary convulsions in the muscles located between the ribs.hiccups – clitoris or thymus

It is not considered a chronic or serious disease, but it can be said that most people suffer from them frequently or periodically with eating meals. Doctors have not yet known a clear cause or specific to the hiccups, but usually result from eating habits wrong.

  1. Fill with food as a result of eating meals quickly.
  2.  Eat plenty of foods during a meal.
  3.  Eat fatty foods.
  4.  Drink soft drinks or alcohol.
  5.  Swallowing the air while eating “and results from the lack of commitment to close the mouth and avoid talking during eating.
  6.  Some tumors and stomach or esophageal infections.
  • Eat a few tablespoons of yogurt ( ) to quickly adjust the acidity levels in the stomach, and stop the persistent acidity.
  • Honey is an effective way to relieve and stop the mechanism of staining.
  • Chewing a slice of or eating ginger tea helps to ease stomach tension and improve digestion, and ensure that it does not regenerate.
  • You can also follow the method of divers to stop Hazoukp, pressing on the ears for 20 seconds with self-locking, the internal pressure is adjusted and ends the seizure of Hazoukah.

Yoghurt to treat the clitoris – Hazoukah

The clitoris may continue to be painful and irritating, as the rate of hiccups increases to 60 times per minute, which can not be tolerated for a long period of time and of course calls for immediate review of the doctor.

Since the main reason for the hiccups is the imbalance of the diaphragm movement, we can say that there are some simple solutions that can be followed to get rid of the condition of simple hiccups that do not require treatment … such as:

1 – increase carbon dioxide in inhalation air by breathing in a plastic bag for a minute or longer depending on the severity of the situation.

2 – drink a glass of water at once or eat lemon.

3 – bending forward from the area of ‚Äč‚Äčalarm and eat a little water and then try to stand up gradually and swallow water when feeling the arrival of the clot.

4. Do not breathe for 30 seconds. 
5. If the patient is a young child, the child’s limbs may be tickled so that he will laugh and stop breathing during intermittent periods while laughing.

6. Use chamomile tea or mint tea to relieve muscle cramps.

It was reported that the longest period in which a person was infected with gout was 68 years.

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