The effect of heredity on your health and your age

Why do some people cheat before others who are of their age? Is this due to a genetic factor?

The answer is that the genetic factor has some effect but the greatest effect is on the actual life of the individual. Do you breathe fresh air or corrupt contaminated? Does he drink pure water or be replaced with other harmful drinks? How does he prepare his food and where does he plant the plants he eats?

The soil in which the plant grows is greatly affected by the length or shortness of life; this is not only because if we have the right nutritious food, we may spoil it the way we prepare it, or the way we eat it. An atmosphere of nervous irritability and family conflict.

What matters is not what we eat, but what our body absorbs from food, that is what strengthens or weakens us.

A man is a strange creature who seeks all his strength to save his life in the hour of danger, but he throws it aside when he sits down at a table; he may be lucky to descend from powerful ancestors, but because of his ignorance and neglect he destroys what he inherited from these ancestors. It is not the number of years we live, but the food we choose for ourselves.

Live wisely and live long

The years do not affect our health more than food. If this food is not suitable, we lose our activity even if we are young. We lose our youth and beauty even if we are young, because of our ignorance of healthy life. In the morning we rise only half of the neighborhood, while we have to be more energetic and active after a full night’s rest.

What is your attitude towards life?

Do you enjoy your full life? Do you see that you are approaching your goals and goals day after day? Or are you one of those unfortunate people who wish to live and become angry with them? Or you walk out of your bed in the morning, as if you are half alive, and you will do your work until the evening comes, and you will come to bed again to spend another night in which you will not sleep, sleep, and therefore no rest. If so, know that there is something serious in your body that needs to be noticed. It may cause confusion in your body chemicals, or it may cause bad habits in your way of life. Do not despair, but make sure that you have room to repair the situation if you know that the repair of your way of living.

Nothing accelerates us to aging and the pyramid and deprives us of our maturity and beauty, such as our neglect of health laws. If we are to preserve our vitality, we must choose for ourselves the best that nature can offer us. Early aging is not inevitable, but we bring it ourselves and can avoid it if we follow healthy ways in our lives.

Let us now begin to pay attention to this; change our way of life if it is not wise; look at life in a new way; we will follow it in the best and highest possible way. A sea of ​​activity, energy, joy and pleasure opens before us.

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