The effect of energy drinks on the body

The impact of energy drinks on the body, energy drinks is the greatest threat to your children in this modern age, the danger left without restrictions, leaving to threaten their physical and psychological alike.The effect of energy drinks on the body

Energy drinks are energized drinks that contain a high content of sugar, caffeine, food stimulants and some herbs and salts, and aim to provide the body with the metabolic energy of the construction and demolition and increase mental capacity.Energy and activity drinks consist of several elements:Caffeine  is the essential ingredient in energy drinks. Each 100 mg of energy drink contains 14-31 mg of caffeine, which is very high when compared to soft drinks, which causes damage, including high blood pressure, heart palpitations, diarrhea, urination, dizziness, nausea, Sleeping.Sugar:  Energy drinks contain a very high percentage of sugar, causing tooth decay and the risk of exposure to diabetes.Taurine:  No complications have been documented for this substance, but some countries have banned drinks containing this substance (France, Denmark and Norway). In any case, the quantity of this substance in the energy drinks is minimal and does not cause harm or benefit.B:  The energy drink contains vitamin B3 and excessive may cause redness and may lead to poisoning of the liver and contains vitamin B6 beneficial to the body, but excessive affects the nerves and cause allergies.Inositol:  This substance is used to treat mental disorders and has not been identified as harmless but may cause diarrhea.Ginseng:  Some studies say that this article causes insomnia and some deny that, but this article has other damage, it causes lower blood pressure, palpitations and upset heartbeat, hepatitis, headache and breast pain in the vaginal bleeding and cause ecstasy.Glucoronolactone:  Research on its safety is still under way and has been banned by some countries such as Canada, England, France and Germany, which could be detrimental.Industrial Flavors: Contains aspartame, which has a negative impact on health, but the major health institutions consider it safe.Ginkgo:  is a type of Chinese herbs that have good benefits of memory and strengthen the nerves except that excessive may cause nausea, headache, dizziness, heart palpitations and some recent studies suggest that it may cause thyroid cancer in laboratory mice.Amino acids:  Taking too many of these amino acids can cause vomiting, nausea, headache, diarrhea, nasal obstruction, insomnia and difficulty sleeping.Thiamin  : This substance is extracted from green tea and did not mention any side effects and used as a stimulant has an effect that differs from caffeine, but excessive causes dizziness and dizziness.The effect of energy drinks on the body1. Parkinson’s disease.2. Gastrointestinal disorder.3. Dizziness.4. High blood pressure.5. Dental caries.6. Lack of calcium.7. Obesity.8. Caffeine poisoning.The effect of energy drinks on the bodyEnergy drinks cause many diseases and health problems, including:Heart attack: Although people who die because of the number of caffeine is very limited, but eating energy drinks at a large amount at the same time may cause death, of course this does not apply in all cases, but you must be sure your heart so as not to suffer a heart attack may come According to a recent study of damage to energy drinks, it has been confirmed to cause heart muscle cramps.Migraine:  Most types of energy drinks cause migraines due to a sudden change of caffeine in the body.Insomnia and Sleep Disorder  Energy drinks are mainly made to make you awake and when used in a bad way affect sleep, making your sleep troubled.Diabetes:  Energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar, which affects the amount of insulin produced by the cells of the pancreas and thus cause diabetes.Interactions with medications:  Some components of energy drinks interact with medications. Be careful not to take medicine with energy drinks, especially drugs .Addiction:  Energy drinks contain a large amount of caffeine, which is used by humans and smoking like smoking, stop drinking energy drinks, which return your body to feel you not focus and push you to drink more.Tension and nervousness:  Drinking a lot of energy drinks means drinking more caffeine, which affects the mood in general and strengthens emotional problems due to stress and nervousness. One study in Australia has confirmed that eating only one 250ml energy drink causes tension in young people.Vomiting and nausea:  Eating too much energy drinks causes esophageal reflux and acid erosion, which causes vomiting.:  Some people are allergic to some of the components of the energy drink, causing simple itching and Annagad in theairways.

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