The easiest way to increase libido

Changing the activity of sexual desire and disorder is a problem that disturbs many couples and can sometimes affect the atmosphere at home and their happiness. However, it is important to know the causes of this disorder with each other’s understanding and consideration. These reasons range from psychological, emotional and physical.

What are the causes of sexual desire?

  • Depression: Depression and anxiety often cause loss of sexual desire. If you are taking medication for depression, it may affect your sexual desire.
  • Weight gain: Being overweight or gaining weight over a long period of time may reduce your overall activity, including your sexual activity
  • Loss of self-confidence: Decreased sexual desire in women is generally associated with loss of self-confidence and other negative emotions.
  • Smoking: Tobacco affects blood circulation, which may weaken your sensitivity and function of the reproductive system, especially in women.
  • Contraception: Know the effects of the pill you are taking. 40% of women taking low-dose oral contraceptives notice a decrease in libido. These pills prevent the production of testosterone responsible for regulating sexual desire.
  • Menopause: Decreased libido and lack of vaginal discharge are common symptoms in menopausal women.

Steps to increase libido:

Tension reduction: Continuous stress can affect partner attraction and sexual desire. Try to talk and understand others. For example, a man can consider sex as a means of relieving stress while women consider it part of her stress.

Attention to the surrounding factors: attention must also be given to details in the bedroom. There are some things that can confuse your desire and keep you away from lust. For example, avoid all images that stare at you as pictures of parents or children and avoid that the chaos in the room papers or scattered files, and then pets tried to keep them away from the bed and the room because it can distract your concentration. In contrast, try to choose a dim lighting for the room and use some scented oils with little air left to enter.

Sports and healthy nutrition: Regular exercise is very important for both men and women, it improves your body to become perfect and healthy and therefore more exciting and with healthy nutrition will gain good fitness and therefore better performance and better.

Contraception: Consult your doctor if you suspect that the pill is the cause. It may describe a different type of contraception and this often solves the problem

Stay away from smoking and visit a doctor when you suspect any matter and consult him before taking any medicine or product increases the activity of sexual desire.

Respect for hormonal changes: It is good that the husband respects these changes with his wife. Women may experience a lack of sexual desire after childbirth for a few months, after reaching menopause, and sometimes after using birth control pills, so be patient. These changes are also associated with age. Sexual desire reaches its peak in men at the age of 18, while in women at the age of 30.

Some foods that help increase libido:

In women: Pepper, fig, avocado, basil leaves, honey, almonds, apples, oysters and dark chocolate.

In men: garlic, chocolate, banana, fig, avocado, salmon, pine, walnuts, oatmeal, watermelon, ginseng and berries.

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