The difference between normal and abnormal vaginal discharge

In pregnancy or menstrual cycle, the vaginal secretions are increased and are normal: 
1-white transparent or light brown. 
2. No smell. 
4 – not accompanied by itching.

These natural secretions work to protect the vagina from dehydration and protect it from germs

The abnormal vaginal discharge is:

1 – accompanied by severe itching. 
2 – smell unpleasant or unpleasant. 
3 – These secretions are yellow or green or combine the two colors. 
4 – These secretions may accompany the presence of some blood.

These abnormal vaginal secretions are the result of the presence of infections in the female reproductive system

There are many causes and possibilities for these infections which are generally caused by: 
1 – vaginal fungal infections. 
2 – inflammation of some types of parasites of the vagina 
3 – cervical infections, especially when there are ulcers of the neck. 
4- Infections due to the presence of the contraceptive coil. 
5 – the presence of tumors and uterine membranes are the source of frequent infections. 
6. Vaginal bacterial infections.

In order to know the direct cause, go to the gynecologist and examine these secretions in the laboratory and on the counter gives the antibiotic and necessary drugs

If the same infections are repeated again despite being diagnosed and treated in the right way, here are the causes in general: 
1 – the presence of diabetes. 
2 – the presence of infections in the husband helps to repeat the injury of the wife. 
3 – weak resistance of women due to the presence of disease or certain diseases or as a result of the use of antibiotics frequently makes the woman vulnerable to fungal infections, especially in the presence of the coil contraceptive.


For married: the reasons for lack of success of healing and the treatment of itching of the vagina or return bis , even with the drug application 
might become inflammation in the vagina and irritating itch 
Vtljian to the doctor prescribes you ointment or pills may Tachfine after a short period and then return bis case 
may or may not Tachfine, 
and the reason is To many possibilities, I remind you the most important:

1 – diagnosis of the doctor was wrong 
2 – infection has moved to the husband became the source of transmission of the disease or may be the source of infection and suffers from infections and here must treat the wife also 
3 – intercourse during the treatment. 
4 – high blood sugar. 
It causes the back of inflammation and itching after it is cured 
5 – Use of pills for a long time. 
6 – the use of other drugs containing cortisone. 
7 – the use of vaginal shower of all kinds.

Because in this case we remove a natural fluid present in the vagina whose function is to resist the microbes, and if it is to be used, the optimal use of the vaginal shower is once a week.

8 – stop the patient on his own to complete the treatment once he felt a slight improvement, which leads to relapse again after a short period because the microbe still exists

What to do in these situations:

1 – Avoid the above. 
2 – Review the same doctor may analyze the blood to check the sugar if it is natural may describe you add to the pills or past ointments that you use Triconal pills a daily pill after eating for a week and also describe your husband Fasigyn pills rate of four pills one dose and only once.

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