The concept of technology and its characteristics


This technology has facilitated human life and enabled it to do its work better, faster, and more efficiently. And more accurately.

Definition of technology

Technology is a Greek word consisting of two sections (techno), which means craft, skill or art, and (logy) where it means science or study, and a variety of definitions that talked about the concept of technology wide, including:

It is a comprehensive process aimed at applying knowledge and science systematically in all fields, so that the goals and desires of the human being can be achieved through the optimal use of these scientific knowledge and their applications.

It is the relationship between man and the materials and tools available, so that the technological application begins at the moment of interaction of these elements together through effort and human thought, application and management of information and skills and use to achieve the desired results.

Technology Sections

Technology as processes: In this case, systematic application of scientific knowledge.

Technology as products: This case applies to instruments, devices and materials resulting from scientific knowledge.

Technology as processes and outputs together: It refers to the knowledge and application of the products that emerge after application, for example, computer-based computer technologies.

Characteristics of technology

  • Technology is an independent and practical science that deals with the systematic application of theories.
  • Technology is purposeful; it brings prosperity to people, and solves the problems that affect their lives.
  • Technology is organized; it is processes that produce inputs and outputs from their interaction with one another.
  • Technology is comprehensive for all fields.
  • Technology is a dynamic process, where it remains in constant interaction with the components.
  • Technology uses all available resources, whether material or non-physical, to achieve the desired results in a literal manner.

the advantages of technology

Contribute to the development of business and completion quickly and efficiently.

Facilitating human life in all areas and reducing distant geographical distances, people can move from one country to another through the use of fast means of transport such as aircraft and others.

Cons of technology

As for the disadvantages of technology, we mention:

  • Dependence of some people on technology dramatically; we find them who does not make any effort, which generated a lot of diseases.
  • The replacement of the machine in some fields with labor;

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