The causes and methods of disposal

When the woman carries inside it another spirit creates and this spirit from within the whole body feeds and grows inside it grows his bones and skin and muscles and tissues and blood and all parts and is in this way needs to get nutrients and protein and vitamins and carbohydrates and carbohydrates And because he gets it from the body of the mother, she must feed well to give him his needs. 
And when the body asks for one of the elements that are lacking and needs it, it gives this signal to the brain and thinks of it and urges the body to request it and this is the birthright.

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It may be a real food or in some cases things that can not be eaten like dirt and may be a certain odor and may be other things because the element may be lacking in the body exists in food or in others and because the brain may be unable to identify the food exists In which this element may give him a sign of desire to something else contains the required element and the symptoms that accompany the pregnancy is the feeling of nausea, which usually comes when the waking of pregnant women in the morning. 
Most women suffer from pregnancy during their pregnancy, and some may not be affected if they receive proper nutrition and take all the nutrients they need from their body and body. 
– Below we will show you the ways in which you overcome the child:

– Eat all kinds of foods from fruits, meat, vegetables, whole grains, fish and chicken and increase the national diversity of food so that your body gets all the nutrients needed. 
– Be sure to be psychologically sound and avoid as much as possible the causes of tension and distress. 
– Eat the food you feel if possible, or try to make up for it in any way, like eating or nearing a similar diet. 
– If you feel that you want to eat something that may cause you harm like a candy try to eat instead of some kind of fruit and if the desire is unruly do not mind to take a few of them.

– Try to translate the word correctly:

– If you want to eat peanut butter may mean that you need protein so try to eat an egg instead. 
– If you want to eat ice cream, this may be an indication of your body’s need for calcium Fashrebi for us or eat one kind of cheese instead. 
– If you want to eat peanut butter with jam, replace the jam with honey, or try to combine the nutrients together in one meal. 
– If you want to eat French fries and replace them with a sandwich of smoked turkey. 
– If you want to eat potato chips instead of salted nuts.

Pregnancy changes the hormones in your body, which may change the taste of your food and this means that you can want to eat something you hated before, but most importantly, always try to give your body needs and not correct your desires, but rather national.

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