The best ways to increase the fertility of women and accelerate pregnancy

Increasing fertility of women has a key role in accelerating pregnancy . Women are affected by the surrounding physiological factors which reduce their fertility, increase fertility, accelerate and increase the chances of pregnancy. Here are the most important tips to help increase the production of eggs and increase your chances of pregnancy.

The best ways to increase the fertility of women and accelerate pregnancy

Healthy weight : Weight plays an important role in controlling hormones in women, especially fertility hormones. The accumulation of fat leads to the storage of hormones inside and the lack of body work. Therefore, maintaining healthy weight helps increase fertility and produce more fertile eggs.

Smoking : Nicotine in cigarettes is harmful to the work of eggs in the body, and stop smoking helps to improve and regular menstruation and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Genital hygiene : maintenance and care of sensitive areas and genital women and periodic detection to avoid infection of fungi and microbes that delay the occurrence of pregnancy and kill sperm cells of the man.

Relaxation : The psychological factor is very important to accelerate pregnancy and stress is one of the things that negatively affect the incidence of pregnancy. Trying to get relaxation is necessary to increase fertility in women.

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Exercise : Sports helps to improve the desire to exercise intimacy in women and improve the amount of secretion of hormones in the body of women. Exercising 30 minutes of sports a day contributes greatly to increasing her fertility chances.

Avoid the stimuli : The studies have shown the relationship between the proliferation of drinks rich in caffeine and fertility for women, which causes the weakness of fertility while eating a cup of tea or coffee a day does not affect the fertility of women.

Exercise of marital relationship : Studies have shown that the increase of marital relationship during the days of the month and not the days of ovulation help to increase the rate of estrogen secretion, which helps to increase the secretion of eggs and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Husband’s health : Attention should be paid to the health of the husband and the quality of the food that helps increase sperm vitality and increase the number of fresh vegetables and fruits daily.

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