The best way to treat snoring

It may be proof of a bad sleep, which is undoubtedly a very troublesome problem. But there are several treatments and solutions to this annoying snoring problem.

After the age of 50, nearly half of the people suffer from snoring from time to time, while nearly one-third suffer from this problem on a daily basis.Causes of snoring

There are several reasons for snoring, although it is often attributed to a very “soft” pharynx. The muscle fibers that control the pharynx (slippage of the throat) relax during sleep, and the air does not pass well. 
Snoring results from rapid concussion (25 to 200 times per second) of the pharynx walls. Excess weight and soothing medicines can aggravate the nerves.Cure Snoring

Here are some solutions that may be useful:

He tried several times during the day to breathe the air through the first nostril and exhale through the second nostril. Open your mouth as well, extend your tongue as much as possible, and then bring it back as far as possible, which will improve the air intake to the body.

The saucers can also be washed with salted water, so that the head is returned to the back to bring water from the nostrils to the mouth. In this way, the nostrils are cleaned and the pharynx is strengthened.

When the nose is blocked with mucus, the air passes through the mouth, which stimulates snoring. To facilitate the passage of air through the nose, anti-snoring dressings (available in pharmacies) can be used to expand nostrils.

There is no doubt that sleep on stimulates snoring, so medical pillows can be used to make sleep better, or to put a small ball under the back or sleep on the side to reduce the problem of snoring.Cure the problem of snoring

If all of the aforementioned methods do not work, and snoring was really annoying, the specialist might prescribe a special device that pushes the tongue and jaw forward to improve the airflow. The laser or surgery may be used in rare cases.

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