The best way to strengthen memory, intelligence and speed of conservation

Every mother cares about the health habits that will strengthen the memory of her children, especially with regard to food and diet, where the mother cares to provide everything that can increase the intelligence of her child and help him to memorize and memorize, so we dedicate today’s article to learn the best ways to strengthen memory and intelligence and speed of conservation, There are many ways in which food and drinks are served, as well as healthy habits that are positively reflected on the child’s educational attainment, which increases his or her self-confidence.

Best Foods To Boost Memory For Kids

Food plays an important role in strengthening children’s memory. A health diet that includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids and natural oils gives the body energy. It stimulates the brain and increases concentration. Some foods increase intelligence Child including:


It is rich in proteins, minerals and fatty acids especially omega-3, which help improve memory and increase natural IQ.


Spinach contains various types of minerals and a high percentage of calcium, in addition to the antioxidants that protect the body and prevent the incidence of diseases of memory loss and memory and others, which improves the child’s ability to remember.


Is one of the best foods to strengthen memory and intelligence and speed of conservation in children, it facilitates the flow of blood to the brain, which improves the performance of the brain and memory work, the rate of memory increases very effectively.


Tomatoes help improve brain function and stimulate memory, because they contain antioxidants, which protect the person from Alzheimer’s.

Broccoli and cabbage leaves

Both broccoli and cabbage are vegetables that contribute to brain activation and avoid damage to nerve cells and tissues, which improves the child’s ability to remember.

Nuts of all kinds

Rich in unsaturated fats that are a major source of energy, in addition to many different vitamins and minerals that keep the brain and brain cells from being damaged.

Effective tips for boosting memory, intelligence and speed

  • Help your child to read and love culture and knowledge. This improves his / her awareness and brain performance, which helps him to memorize and remember.
  • Take care of the time of sleep and wake up to get enough sleep during the night, which improves the performance of the brain during the day.
  • Give your child the opportunity to practice his favorite sport, through a weekly routine, helping him to renew his energy completely and easy to memorize and remember.
  • Push your child to learn more new skills and languages, give him the confidence to learn all that is new and all that he likes, improve his academic performance and raise the child’s IQ.

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