The best way to slim the abdominal area in ladies

Abdominal area is one of the most common areas of fat, especially in women after pregnancy and birth, which increases the weight of that area significantly. And may be the result of lack of movement or change in the hormones of the body. There are many ways to idealize the region of which:

First work on good body metabolism:

Eating breakfast breakfast has proven the effectiveness of breakfast and its relationship to abdominal fat as early waking and early breakfast keeps blood insulin stable and reduces the harmful cholesterol, so that your breakfast should contain proteins and foods rich in fiber, such as olive oil, thyme and eggs Avoid pasta and pies only brown and brown toast because it helps to feel fuller for longer.

The distance from any nervous tension because it leads to an increase in the secretion of cortisone, as the secretion of cortisone is linked to increased abdominal fat.

Sleep for 8 hours a day.

Eat cereals, low-fat dairy, fat-free red meat and fish, as grains melt from fat burning, avoid white grains, white bread, and white rice.

Drink water in sufficient quantities per day for two liters of water to help better food representation, remove toxins from the body faster, and clean the stomach and intestines.

Not to drink soft drinks and alcohol because it increases the fat belly and it contains calories that have no value.

Second fat burning exercises:

Exercise that helps to reduce the abdominal area and tighten it daily so that the exercise does not exceed ten minutes, the importance is that it helps to reduce the abdominal area in a healthy manner, also training in short periods, such as running for ten minutes a day, or walking tours daily, you can help Electric wrenches.

      Change of daily rattan You use stairs instead of elevator, walk instead of riding the car

Start the training on fat burning exercises, running and walking, taking care to take the rounds of fast walking every day you will notice the first days fatigue of the muscles does not push you to leave the diet instead of just a period of the exercise of the body and muscles on the sport.

Exercise on the bridge exercise is to stand in the position of pressure and then focus on the elbows with the payment of abdominal muscles you can get more videos from YouTube.

Exercising on squatting, tummy tuck always taking care of breathing exercises.

In the end do not do your best in training, exercise daily and moderately you will lose a little weight of the abdomen, but healthy and strong body.

Third, calorie loss training:

Make a plan to lose fat by taking 2,000 calories per day for women and 2,200 calories per day for men.

Take care to eat useful fats such as olive oil, linseed oil and mushrooms.

Take care to eat fiber and vegetables while keeping away from potatoes completely because they are overweight

Do not forget to have motivation, purpose or motivation to lose your weight.

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