The best way to get rid of abdominal gases quickly

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Gases and bloating Many of us suffer, especially with the irregular eating habits, and the fast food we eat while we are out of the house, you know the best ways to get rid of abdominal gases, as well as home methods that make us easily dispose of them and normalize our lives again.- It is known as diphtheria or fullness of the abdomen gas, intestinal gases, drip or wind medically expelling gases from the anus, and produce these gases either from the stomach or from the intestine, and can be the source of external air, gases out through the contraction of the muscles of the bowel and colon and then transit from And the volume of the gas output and the number of times it may be very different between individuals, and in the language of gas out of the anus with sound, the wind out without sound In classical Arabic, Animals say that the amount of gas produced by the body during digestion is much higher than that produced in the form of wind, but there are benign bacteria that live in the intestine and happily absorb these gases. , Reducing the amount, the exit of the wind as a defense To the skunk or your habitat. If he feels a danger, he will let out the wind that is pollutingThe atmosphere has a nasty smell that extends to two square miles. The sound produced by the exit of the wind is produced by the concussion of the anus …- Abdominoplasty or stomach gases are due to the air in the stomach due to fast eating and ingestion of large quantities of air. It can also be due to drinking carbonated beverages, smoking, chewing gum, talking, mouth eating or eating some natural foods that cause a lot of them. Gases, such as pulses, and the body tries to remove these gases from one of the openings of the body, causing accumulation of air Abdominal expansion or, in the sense of the most healthy swelling of the abdomen, and infants, whether fed on breast milk or breast feeding are swallowing the air as they breastfeed and may need a bit of harassment If it does not Exhale the air by throwing a baby on the shoulder of his or her mother and lactating gently on his back twice during and after lactation, and sometimes the presence of air in the abdomen in adults the reaction to many new foods and hot or corrupt foods or eating and tired person or An emotional state of tension and a person feel harassed- Many children and adults are infected with abdominal gas, where abdominal swelling occurs when the digestive system is filled with air or gas, the person feels that his stomach is bulging, full and solid, and can feel pain in the abdominal area. The swelling usually accompanies the release of the wind and the sound of gargling from the abdomen. Frequent cheating, so the person’s persistent infection with abdominal gases prevents his ability to do daily work, and hinders his ability to participate in recreational social activities …1- The external gases that make up 90% of the gases that are inhaled by the human from the outside air such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and all these gases are odorless …2 – The internal gases that make up 10% of the gases are gases produced by bacteria living in the digestive system in association with human, and the main internal gas is methane, which is also odorless gas, and there are other compounds which give the smell smells such as butyrate and some major compounds resulting from analysis …The image of a fat person1. Weight gain …2 – Heartburn …3 – hormonal flow, especially in women …4 – some psychological factors such as anxiety, pressure and depression …5 – Some types of medicines …6 – Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or neuropathy …7 – constipation …8. Allergy to wheat (Celiac disease) …9. Lactose intolerance (Lactose Intolerance), or problems in digestion of other foods …10 – Ovarian cancer …An illustration of abdominal gases1. Diarrhea …2 – severe or persistent pain in the abdomen …3 – very high temperature body …4 – worsening the case of heartburn …5 – Embalming …6. Unwarranted descent into weight …7 – The descent of blood with faeces …The image of a girl- Mix lemon juice with a quantity of warm water and is used as a drink daily, which contributes to the solution to remove body toxins and facilitate digestion, to contain the lemon on carbohydrates and proteins, such as, vitamin B and vitamin C, in addition to phosphorus, calcium and magnesium …- Fennel seeds are one of the most effective herbs in the treatment of digestive problems such as gas and bloating, which works to get rid of wind and urinary tract, and helps to relieve pain and swelling, they contain anti-microbial substances …- How to use fennel, you can chew a small amount of fennel seeds after meals, or add a tablespoon of fennel seeds to a cup of hot water and leave for 5 to 10 minutes with coverage, and then filtered and taken twice or 3 times a day …anise- Aniseed that the fruits of anise anti-colic and chased gases and the way to be taken fill a tablespoon of Alalyanson and boil for 5 minutes in a container filled with a glass of water and then cool and clean and drink after eating …- Bananas are rich sources of fiber that help reduce abdominal gases and remove swelling, and it is rich in potassium metal, which regulates liquids in the human body, where the fruits of bananas are eaten regularly, and can be added to sweets and various fruit …Photo of a mint cup- Mint is known to contain the oil of menthol, which has an effect against the contraction of the muscles of the digestive system smooth,And therefore helps to relieve stomach cramps, bile duct and gall bladder, and can calm the swelling of the abdomen and regulate the movement of bowel …- How to use mint, can be put fresh leaves of mint after meals to ease the swelling,Or add 1 teaspoon of dried mint to a hot water cup and leave for 10 minutes, and take 2 to 3 cups of this drink daily …anise- Uses of chamomile flowers, which resemble the flowers of the chrysanthemum, which is considered a repellent of gases and digested and an appetizerAnd against the colic also and the way to be taken half a tablespoon of flowers and add to fill a cup of boiling water and leave for five minutesCovered and then filtered and drunk after eating only once a day …Ginger Picture- Contains active ingredients such as gingrol, in addition to the shagul, which is considered a sharp vehicle,Which helps to remove swelling and abdominal gases, and also addresses inflammation of the intestines,Place five thin pieces of ginger in a cup of boiling water and then cover and leave for 10 minutes. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice,And a tablespoon of honey to the mix, and is taken three times a day …- Karawia features anti-microbial properties and anti-contractions, and also helps to expel gases due to the content of carvin and carvol,It is a soothing substance for the intestinal muscle tissue, and is one of the most effective and safe herbs in this case …- How to use coriander, you can chew a small amount of seeds of coriander during the day,Other seeds can also be added to it such as cumin, and it is considered the simplest way to take this treatment,Add a teaspoon of coriander to a cup of boiled water with a cover for 5 minutes and then be filtered and eaten …- There is water orange blossom ready in some of the Attarin, where taken the amount of five points of water castAdd a cup of water and drink immediately after eatingOnce a day it is very useful for expelling gases …- Tightness is very good to expel the gases and to the pressure where the package is taken spreeWash well and then cut into small pieces with their rootsThen boil with a pint of waterThen drink a cup of this boiled and eaten dill …- The ring is an excellent material to expel stomach gasesAnd the way to boil filled with hanging eat with filling a glass of waterFor five minutes then drain and drink twice a dayAfter breakfast and again after dinner …Photo of coriander seeds- Coriander fruits are used as a gas chaser, which is used to fill a large spoonBoil for a minute with a glass of water and then describeDrink once after breakfast or dinner or when you feel gas in the abdomen …- It is known as Baldarkush, Baldush, Bzab and Marzengush and is used to expel gasesTake a tablespoon of whole grass and add to a cup of boiled waterThen leave for 5 to 10 minutes and then drain and drink at a cup rate after each meal directly …- The fruits of Juniper either by eating slowly (emulsification) or drink boiled to treat belly dilation and methodTo chew a few grains of juniper and swallow or to take a teaspoon of crushed fruitAdd a cup of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes, then drain and drink a cup after each meal.- a small plant of the oral species where the boiling plant is usedCombine and chase the gases and the way to be taken fill a teaspoon of plant powderFill in a cup of boiled water and leave for 5 to 10 minutesThen he describes and drinks a cup after each meal …- Italians rely on olives to expel the gases in the abdomen whereIt softens the wall of the stomach and helps digestion where they putHow much to drink with the salad or to drink a teaspoon of oil during eating?- He mentioned honey in the Koran and in the Torah as a treatment and uses honeyFor thousands of years to treat many diseases and the most important as a substance repellent for abdominal gasesWhere a large spoon of honey is taken after meals …- The  screw contains  iodine as a main material in the pilot oilWhich encapsulates the digestive enzyme known as trypsin (Trypsin)It is a good repellent for gases, and the way to be taken fill a teaspoon to fill a cup of boiling water and leave for between 10 to 20 minutesHe drinks three times a day, one after each meal …- Chinese people have been using cinnamon as a folk remedy for thousands of yearsTo treat digestive problems, especially against gases or windWhere a teaspoon of Chinese cinnamon powder is takenAdd to a cup of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes and then drink once after lunch.- known as ternaghan and used papers to treat stress and depressionIt is also a repellent for winds, making it ideal for anyone suffering from gastrointestinal disorders,The way to be taken is to fill a cup of boiled water and add to it a tablespoon of plant powderAnd leave for 10 minutes and then drain and drink after each meal …Picture of a girl

  • Avoid soft drinks for their role in increasing gases within the digestive system leading to bloating.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol drinks.
  • Avoid drinks containing artificial sweeteners (Sugar Day) for their role in bloating.
  • Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day to prevent constipation.
  • Reduce the amount of fatty milk.

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