The best treatment for GERD

Esophageal reflux is now a common disease among many individuals and has recently spread widely among many people worldwide. Unfortunately, this disease needs treatment and medical sessions, which makes it very expensive and will Today, through this article, we review with you all the details of GERD, through this article of symptoms and detailed treatment methods.

The disease is very widespread in the United States, and needs a lot of expenditure, it is divided into three types, type I, whose symptoms appear once or twice a week, and the second type is more severe type I, Week, and the third type is the most serious, where symptoms appear on a daily basis, which requires treatment and follow-up with the ongoing doctor.

There are some symptoms that appear on the person who is ill, and it is clear through which the disease, which if it appeared on someone, should immediately go to the doctor, these symptoms can be summarized in the following points:

  • Feel the burning , especially after eating directly.
  • It may be an illness , caused by GERD.
  • Strong pain in the chest area.
  • Severe throat.
  • Continuous cough accompanied by a sputum.

The above-mentioned symptoms are not definitive evidence of GERD but a specialist should be consulted for a comprehensive examination by the endoscopy and radiotherapy to ensure that the esophagus is functioning properly. Based on the medical examination, appropriate treatment is determined according to the patient’s health status.

  • The treatment is divided into two stages, through the doctor’s instructions. Some of the daily habits of the patient are changed, which causes an increase in the symptoms of the disease, including smoking, and some harmful eating habits such as eating ready foods, fat foods, As well as not to eat any food before bedtime for a period of not less than 5 hours, and refrain completely from drinks containing caffeine, including tea, coffee and Nescafe.
  • The second stage, during which the treatment is prescribed by the doctor, and the dose at the beginning is large, and is gradually reduced, and all these steps are complete under the directions of the doctor.

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