The best lenses to enlarge the eyes and expand and form normal


Many women prefer to use contact lenses for medical use instead of glasses to give women beauty and special attractiveness, especially after the emergence of many natural colors in the market to suit all tastes, and there are many brands producing contact lenses, but I advise you to choose the type of brand that designs lenses with techniques Modern and technological protection of the eye from any irritants and irritations that would harm the eye, and in our article today we offer you the best of these brands in terms of technical and aesthetic specificationsA girl’s face

  • Everyone in this world wants to get beautiful eyes through the use of lenses of beautiful colors to beautify his eyes and give a great size and wonderful.
  • There are colored contact lenses and many colors that can be used by women or fuss on all occasions and in all visits or parties and can be changed according to the type of dress worn by the person.
  • Contact lenses have become very widespread and widely used which has led to the fact that it has become very familiar and is not surprising because it has become fashionable in the present age.
  • Contact lenses can cause some problems for the person in the future because of the change of shape. Every person has news of accompanying him at all times of his life, especially couples wearing lenses that beautify the eye so as not to fall into the mess.
  • Some Korean manufacturers of contact lenses began to manufacture lenses with distinctive colors that look like real and also give a large size and wide eye, and some lenses working to reduce the eye and all depends on the color of the lens.
  • Usually, the magnifying lenses are very solid, opening the eyes wider and enlarging the pupil. This lens itself can also correct the eye and make it clearer.


The eye lens is mostly made of crystal (about 90% of the lens material), a water soluble protein. The ability of the lens to produce light refraction and transparency is due to the absence of organelles in other tissues. The lens structure contains a set of fibers that maintain the shape and size of the lens.

This type of lens is known as a large lens or a circular lens, a cosmetic contact lens that makes the pupil appear more and does not play any role in correcting the eyes. The use of this type of lens has been widely spread in the East and South Asia regions, and is widely manufactured in Japan, South Korea, and China.

The circular lenses make the wearer’s eyes appear larger than their normal size, and there are several types with different colors and effects. This type of lens was introduced in 2004 mainly in the producing areas. The diameter of the circular lenses is no more than 15 mm; because contact lenses of a larger dimension may cause damage to the eye. Often, we find this type of contact lens may put it at 16 or 18 mm, this is to denote the visual effect that lenses make to the wearers, not to their true radius. The main difference between other types of lenses, and the type of circular ones, is that the ring type covers an area beyond the pupil’s pupil to include peripheral areas outside, resulting in the appearance of the eyes at their relatively large size ..

• Contact lenses should be worn for a limited number of hours a day. Continuous wear or prolonged exposure to the eye is a serious hazard and is only recommended for medical reasons.  • Contact lenses are well cared for, as neglecting cleanliness and lack of attention to daily usage and cleaning instructions can lead And many serious problems such as .. ulcers in the cornea .. And inflammation in multiple parts of the eye ..  • Of the cases of eye disease due to negligence cleaning lenses or the use of lenses of a type is not good .. A case called Acanthamoeba Keratitis and this situation appears more with lenses Soft lenses Him using eye drops containing antibiotic neomycin with a kind of antiseptic chlorhexidine and propamidine isotionate … and sometimes use their together at the same time .. • Care should be taken when describing a solution to clean contact lenses as some active substances and preservatives can accumulate in soft lenses and thus lead to harmful reactions.  • If not, it is not advisable to wear contact lenses while taking other medications. Or can be used to the types of droplets do not contain preservatives ..  • Can also be used drops on the lenses of the type hard steel .. The one that is not allowed to use absolutely with any type of contact lenses is ointments ..

  • The blue is slanted to gray.
  • Purple green.
  • The color of the hazel is yellowish.
  • Light brown and corrugated in hazelnut color.
  • Gray is dotted with black.
  • Light brown and dotted brown color.

Fresh Look Fesh Look

One of the best brands of contact lenses, it is designed with a very high technology, gives you three colors in one color of the lens and it gives you color in a natural way, and it gives you an attractive look to the eye so that the eye is wider when using lenses, Suits all tastes, and tells you that this brand is promoted by the artist Miriam Fares.

Acuvue Acuvue

Is one of Johnson & Johnson’s products. The Acivio lenses are natural in the eye and comfortable. They are suitable for all types of eyes and even sensitive ones. Its lens is characterized by allowing the air to enter the lens and passing oxygen to make you feel more comfortable when using it. Silicone and hydrogel so as to give the lens a constant moisturizing and comfort when used. With an anti-sunscreen, available in many colors to suit all tastes, this brand is promoted by Paris Hilton.


US lenses, characterized by giving the wideness of the eye, and it gives colors gradient in one lens, and specified in black, is the ideal choice for women classical, as you will find all the classic colors of contact lenses.

Tri kolor

Italian lenses, characterized by the eye’s sensitive, soft and easy to use, give an attractive eye, available in many beautiful colors and bold, and it gives a wide eye, Haifa Wehbe is one of the most popular use of this brand.

Classy Classy

The brand has been certified by the Saudi Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a world-class, very eye-catching, clearly visible brand. Zogby is promoting this brand.

 Totti Tutti

This brand is characterized by its design of the lenses with the technology of the system of molding, a global technology in the field of optics, gives great comfort to the eye as well as the appearance of natural and attractive, available in many colors of different colors, whether classic or modern or compact colors, one of the most famous stars wearing this brand media Halima Boland .


Bella’s lenses are characterized by allowing the passage of oxygen so as not to cause any eye dryness, it is flexible and soft, soft and easy to sustain, gives you permanent comfort, and equipped with a wet surface maintains the tear membrane of the eye so as not to cause dryness of the lens, They are available in many colors to suit all tastes. It is noteworthy that many celebrities wear this brand of lenses such as the share of Loughani and Zainab military and Ghada Abdel Razek.

 Adore Adore

It is one of the best Italian lenses that are comfortable for the eye and do not cause any eye irritation or redness, easy to use, and are available in all colors that suit different tastes that give the eye an aesthetic and natural appearance at the same time.

Solotica Solotica

Brazilian lenses, favored by many women, are suitable for dark eye colors because they are available in clear, clear colors that are soft and light to the eye, not to cause any irritation or redness, allowing the oxidation of the eye to pass through.

Fashion Look Fashion Look

American lenses have a wide popularity in Saudi Arabia, they are available in natural colors and attractive, in addition to it gives you a wide eye.lens

– Eye dryness – Eye sensitivity – Conjunctivitis and inflammation of the eye – Eyelid glands – Corneal problems such as blurred vision, corneal injuries inadvertently during the removal and installation of the lens – Deposits above the lens interfere with vision and cause allergic eye inflammation

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