The best exercise is to relax the legs

When fat and laxity accumulate in the legs, a person can not wear his or her clothing, and its appearance is incompatible with agility and attractiveness, especially for women whose legs are a sign of beauty and femininity.

Therefore, we offer you the following: A group of exercises that you can exercise in your home in order to slim your legs and eliminate the laxity and fat and gives you the agility that you dream of:

– Exercise 1:

Stand straight and single your body and then move your right leg forward and bend your knee, taking care not to touch the knee of your left leg to the ground and in order to achieve this must be on your left toes.

If this is the first, count five times and then repeat the same exercise with your left leg forward.

– Exercise II:

Lie on the floor and lift your right leg up and bend your knee to your chest and then bare your legs up until you feel tired and then repeat the same exercise with your left leg first.

– Exercise 3:

Put your back on the ground, lift your right leg up to be parallel to the ground, then hold it to its first position, then repeat the exercise for five times and do the same with your left leg.

– Exercise 4:

Grow on the floor with the same position as the previous exercise, but on your belly this time and not on your back and then lift your legs and your arms up and make sure your arms are straight at the same level of shoulders.

– Exercise V:

Lie on your back and lift your legs and then move them in circular movements as if you are driving a bike and I want to be slow movements for ten seconds and then rush to the same time and then slow again and so and repeat the exercise until you feel tired.

– Exercise 6:

Lie on your back and lift your legs up and then open them a little and then put your hands on your chest chest until you touch your elbow with the ground and then the individual toes and feet and my breasts and prove this situation until you feel tired.

Exercise 7:

Lie on the floor in the same position in the previous exercise and then tighten your legs so that the muscles of your thighs are unique and converge your toes and then bend your fingers like the body of the claws of birds.

– Exercise 8:

Lie on the floor with the same position as your previous exercises, then pull your belly and put your thighs together, and this will tighten the muscles of your inner thighs.

– Exercise 9:

Sleep on your right side and then leave your right leg on the ground until it is in the same position as your spine and then lean your left leg forward so that your foot is in front of your pelvis or knee as much as you can then lift your head and rest on your right hand and hold your left foot with your left hand and then both Keep your legs and keep this position until you feel tired and then repeat the same exercise with your left leg.

– Important tips for practicing your previous exercises correctly:

– If you are a beginner do not exercise all previous exercises on the same day so that you do not have problems such as muscle tension or the muscles of your legs and legs and thighs to fatigue.

– Take proper nutrition and drink plenty of water.

– Choose quiet times to practice exercises so you can concentrate well.

Try to make the most of your time by giving your body the agility you dream of.

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