The best effective ways to gain weight

There are many people today fighting for weight gain due to weight problems or weight loss dramatically after exposure to illness or mental illness and many see that gaining weight is easy because they mistakenly think that any food increases the calories only, but the fact is that many foods That people who are underweight over time become obese and fat, so a healthy balance between dietary choices and lifestyle changes is needed to enhance appetite and satiety. This will give us an overview of the best systems that increase weight well .

First: More exercise .

We all know that exercise increases muscle tension and eliminates heart and vascular diseases. However, the higher the exercise, the greater the body mass and the less fat burning, such as weight lifting is one of the best ways to gain healthy weight and build muscle mass The body with its mind if you leave the exercise will cause obesity.

Second: Drink small amounts of water.

As the water promotes satiety and the elimination of hunger and is the elixir of life, it is necessary to build the body, but you can follow the diet of reducing the water to one liter per day and when the stability on the weight required to start increasing water intake to pray to the normal rate of two liters a day , As well as that the water increases the urination, which brings out all the fluids in the body and increase its thinness.

Third: eating after exercise.

Because the body is at a high level and the brain pumps blood and metabolism is at its peak therefore eating a large meal of the ideal ways to improve the consumption of nutrients in order to maximize the use of calories.

Fourth: Eat large meals.

It is recommended to eat large meals with some snacks for weight gain as the meals are higher than the rate of effort so the body can not burn all those quantities of food intake.

Fifth: Chew food quickly.

As chewing food slowly helps to send a feeling of the brain fullness, but when eating quickly, this process does not therefore represent the best digestive system and ensure access to all calories in food and not to burn quickly.

Sixth: Eat more meals.

If you can not increase the amount of food you eat, increasing your intake of 5 to 6 meals a day is one of the best choices for gaining weight in a healthy way.

Seventh: Add yogurt to your diet.

Yogurt is not rich in calories, but is a great source of bacteria that improve the consumption of nutrients to ensure weight gain in a healthy and useful.

Eighth: Do not eat junk food.

These meals are loaded with trans fat, salt, lots of calories and some nutrients that gain a lot of weight but are not healthy and cause obesity and are a major cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

Ninth: Increase the amount of protein consumed.

Many of the body’s glands require protein because it is remodeled with not too much ingestion only moderately.

You can increase the intake of dairy products, cheese, chocolate and caffeine, but moderately for the health of your body do not forget not excessive and do not interfere in the intake.

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