The best diuretic herbs

The best herbs for diuretics are considered in their various forms and varieties of the most prominent health nutrients that provide the various benefits of the body and health in various fields. One of the most prominent benefits of herbs can be diuretic which helps the majority of people with this problem. Here’s what we’re talking about.

A diuretic

The best diuretic herbs

The main and natural urine function is to remove the excess water and the toxins that have been filtered in the kidneys out of the body. There is a difference between the natural and natural diuretics. The natural urine diuretics rid the body of water and toxins. The medicinal diuretics rid the body of water, sodium and toxins. What we are concerned about now is natural diuretics, which are found in natural foods and medicinal herbs, while the two types of diuretics work to increase the exit of water from the body, this water resulting from diseases causing the accumulation of water in the body, which causes the enlargement of some bites E body, and here these cases address some of these diuretics.

Symptoms of increased body fluid and urine retention

The best diuretic herbs

Some parts of the body are inflated due to fluid pooling

Feeling heavier and less able to move.

Cutting while urinating and getting out of urine

Urine out in batches rather than at once

The best herbs that are used for diuretics

Urinary herbs

Onion : Mix several onions in water for 5 minutes, then eat the pulp of the onion. The rest will be cooked and served with a blower on the ureter, bladder and kidneys until morning and repeat for several days.

Radish and parsley : Boil a teaspoon of ground radish seeds and a teaspoon of crushed seeds in two cups of water until half the amount of boiling water evaporates and drink a cup after the three meals.

Pomegranate flower or violet flower : Spoon a large spoon of pears or flower violets in a cup of boiled water and cover for a quarter of an hour and then drink after honey bees once a day.

Juice of reeds and barley : It is desirable to drink plenty of cane juice and boiled water.

Soya oil : Also drink a teaspoon of soy oil morning and evening to urinate.

Corn Shousha : Climb the corn shoshas and drink water after sweetening honey.

Juniper : Boil juniper and sweeten with honey and drink 3 times a day.

Watercress : Drink half cup of watercress juice and onion juice in the morning and evening.

Celery, sorghum and saffron : Boil the seeds of celery, sage or saffron and drink a cup twice a day.

Hibiscus and fennel : Boil the flowers of the hamburger or fennel seeds and drink a cup twice a day.

Barley : Boil the barley in water and then drink it to make urine.

Tea and coffee : They drink moderately and have a strong effect on urinary incontinence.

Cinnamon and chamomile : Boil anise, cinnamon or oolapong as tea and drink it for its ability to urinate.

Wild Dandelion : This herb is soaked in boiled water for its property to rid the body of fluids.

Coriander : Add this herb to the food is a spice of urine

Eggplant : It is a diuretic food.

Cummins : Cumin is boiled boiled, it is fragmented for peat and diuretic.

Garlic : Garlic is eaten in our diet. It is diuretic and antiseptic.

Peppermint : A mint drink next to the many benefits is diuretic and colic in the kidneys.

Lemon : Lemon syrup is diuretic and prevents to be gallstones.

Licorice : Drink licorice for many benefits including diuretics.

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