The best and fastest treatment for constipation

The best and fastest treatment for constipation If constipation is one of the disorders of the digestive system, it can be described as difficult and non-recurrent output of stool. The normal output ranges from 21 to 23 times per week and up to three times is not considered constipation, and increases the human injury when the age, especially after the age of sixty.The best and fastest treatment for constipation

There are two main factors contributing to constipation: 
1 – impede the passage of stool due to weak bowel movement or stop movement. 
2 – Lack of water in the stool (dry), which leads to increased stool hardness and therefore difficult to move in the intestine.

  • Tightness or blockage in the colon and tube (due to benign or malignant tumors)
  • Intestinal constriction.
  • Colon tumor.
  • Anorexia or rectal pain causes pain when defecating.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Angina cracks (fracture of the ring).
  • abscess.
  • The fall or hernia of the anus (rectum).
  • Colonic spasm reflex due to organic bug.
  • Appendix.
  • Gallbladder
  • Complications of constipation

Constipation is not considered a serious disease, but the prolonged duration of constipation may lead to complications for several reasons: 
1 – complications due to elevated internal pressure of the abdomen (abdomen), and thus can cause:


  • Varicose veins (in the testis) in males.
  • Erythematous hernia.
  • a headache

The best and fastest treatment for constipation

1. The normal bowel movement should be maintained even if there is no desire to evacuate (defecation) and must respond to the desire to evacuate and not restrain.

2. The food should contain fibers and it is recommended to eat and vegetables constantly.

3. Sufficient fluids should be taken.

4 – There are several types of drugs used to treat constipation and called laxatives or laxatives. Laxatives and laxatives should be used with caution. It may affect the absorption of certain drugs or there are contraindications and it works to increase the contractions in the intestine to work to remove the stool

5. In the case of infants, give some laxatives such as Karo, Maltsupex or Lactulose, which can be used for children and adults. All these laxatives increase the retention of feces with water.

6 – Use of products containing high percentage of bran and fiber Kalmitamosil (Metamucil) or Citrucel.

7. Minimizing the intake of foods that cause constipation (milk products, white rice, bananas) may also help.

8. The glycerin loading may be used for infants and young children or the babylax syringe, and it is recommended to be used as a contraceptive for severe constipation and can be used only under medical supervision.

9 – Reduce the intake of foods with fats.

10. Exercise and movement.

Avoid heavy tea or coffee.Orange juice

First: the use of home remedies and herbs:

1 – Take a tablespoon of castor oil as it helps to reduce constipation because it works to increase the speed of constipation, which is suitable for adults and young people should not be taken before sleep, but prefer to take in the morning and can be added to the juice to taste palatable.

2 – Take a dose of English salt, as the main ingredient in English salt is magnesium sulfate, a laxative as it helps to withdraw water in the intestine and reduce the stool, which helps to move through the intestine, but you should be careful if there is nausea or vomiting After using English salt, stop immediately and consult a doctor. You should also ask your doctor first if you are taking any medication

Drink a cup of dandelion tea. There is no study to confirm that dandelion tea relieves constipation but has been used for this purpose for several centuries. It is a very safe and useful herb. You will not lose anything if you try it. You can prepare it by buying dandelion root and put it in boiling water for five Minutes then filtered and drank and some honey could be added to it to replace it.

4     , where the ring contains a high proportion of fiber so they are working Kalji, and you can take from 10-30 grams of the ring powder 3 times a day, but it depends on your weight and the degree of constipation and some other factors, may occur here are some side effects Kalantfaj and diarrhea.

5 – Barley water: Barley also contains a very high percentage of fiber, and you can drink barley water to reduce constipation, you can prepare it by placing half a cup of barley in a bowl and then covered with cold water put boiling on the fire for 2 minutes and then Liquidate and add 3 lemon juice and add sugar as desired.

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