The basics contribute to fat burning fast

It is not easy for many to lose weight of their bodies. It requires determination, determination, patience and endurance as well as an integrated and healthy system.

However, it is not complicated or impossible to achieve as some believe you only need to know some of the basics until you follow them to pray yourself to the body you are dreaming of:

Healthy fats:

When you begin to lose body weight, many people move away from fat permanently and do not approach it permanently. This is a mistake and leads to damage to the body and to the public health because the body needs fat because it helps to absorb nutrients such as vitamins and therefore you should take unsaturated healthy fats They are found in fish, nuts, olive oil, flax seeds and avocados.


Many people accept the intake of protein in excess because it is the basis in the formation of the muscles of the body, but this is not true and harmful, although it is the basic unit of building the body and that the body needs in order to prevent fat accumulation and muscle building, moderation is required in everything Therefore, the amount of protein consumed should not exceed three servings per day, and the foods containing chicken, red meat, fish, leafy vegetables and legumes.

Dietary fiber :

In any healthy and healthy diet and any weight loss regimen, you should consume plenty of fiber as it fills the stomach and contributes to enhancing the feeling of satiety for a long time and balance the levels of cholesterol in your blood and your body needs a day to the number of twenty grams on Less fiber and food in which vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains are present.

Vitamin D :

The important ingredient in addition to calcium, which the body needs to strengthen the bones and help to lose weight and should eat at least three servings of each day and foods containing low-fat or skimmed milk and products such as yogurt and cheese.


When you lose weight, it will not be useful to just eat healthy foods and avoid harmful foods because without physical activity the body will not be able to increase the calories it burns. Therefore, exercise is very important. It is beneficial to health in general and is required for weight loss. Body and if you are not used to exercise, you can start it gradually until you get used to it and then exercise it naturally and continue to do so even after you get the weight required.


Helps the body to burn fat black and green, it reduces the levels of cortisol in the body and this is responsible for the storage of fat, but the most healthy is green tea, and therefore during the diet diet to eat it contains natural substances contribute to the burning of more than Calories.

And do not forget to consult your doctor before committing to anything because it will lead you on the right path that protects you and protects your body from health problems.

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