The baby dropped the diaper in five steps

Give up the baby on the diaper and prepare to enter the bathroom must be carefully so as not to cause stubbornness of the child and there are some tips provided by the experts of the children to how to prepare to give up your baby about the diaper and rely on the same to enter the bathroom

1 – Psychological preparation for the child is important before the beginning of that stage, so we must first make him accept the idea of ​​sitting on the toilet even if it was without undress and without demanding urination or defecation.

2 – Training the child to urinate in the first stage and it is necessary to monitor the dates to highlight the child daily and put it on the toilet before.

3. The first training phase can begin from one year to one and a half years and no results are expected two to two and a half years before completion.

4. Do not cover your child, do not punish him or force him to sit on the toilet so as not to reject the whole process.

5 – Utilize his desire to tradition and encouraged him to imitate his older peers or used one of his favorite dolls and put her on the toilet to imitate her.

Finally, the mother must be a boy for the first week to get the child to enter the bathroom and leave the diaper

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