The age of forty and its impact on women’s health

When a woman reaches the age of 40, she can have a better life if she knows her actual abilities and the way she walks in her life.

Therefore we offer you the following tips to understand the nature of this age and the impact it has on your physical and mental health and how to deal with your body correctly:

– Know the times when your body is full of energy and vitality and exploit this in the work of various activities and these times are usually in the middle of the day and the beginning of the evening and then begin to fall until the end of the evening. 
– Eat chocolate because it adjusts the mood of the person and provide activity and vitality, but do not overdo one of them enough. 
– Wear light clothes and avoid wearing dark clothes because it affects your mood negatively but the light colors make you feel happy and give you vitality and activity. 
– Take care to relax a little in the middle of the day and choose a comfortable chair to lie on it and do not try to sleep because this will make it difficult to complete your day with the same amount of vitality and activity. 
– Nami and wake up at a fixed date This will make you regulate your body’s internal energy and makes you do your daily activities correctly.
– Drink plenty of water and do not make your body reach the stage of drought, it will make you feel stressed and to be the amount of water in the day not less than eight cups. 
– Eat foods rich in fiber, it gives you many benefits, including protect you from constipation and it reduces the absorption of sugar from the intestines and you can find them in fruits, vegetables and grains. 
– Get vitamin C because it will eliminate the feeling of stress as it absorbs food from your mother and you will find it in orange, lemon and others. 
If you are a smoker, stop smoking altogether because nicotine affects sleep and makes you tired. 
Eat a low-fat protein. It prevents sugar imbalance in your body and gives you energy throughout the day and you can find it in fish and chicken breasts.
– Exercise the exercise, it gives your body activity and vitality and within the exercise recommended by yoga and Pilates. 
– Try to organize the duties that you do if your list of duties are congested, it will make you feel tired by watching them pay the necessary things in the beginning and try to get rid of unnecessary things. 
– Do not mislead me from your appearance and always interested in your elegance and attractiveness and your way of talking, this will give you a positive boost will make you filled with activity and vitality. 
– Take care of your healthy social relations and meet with your friends and get out together, this will make you in a better psychological state. 
– Get out to stroll a bit outside your home that will improve your mood and extend energy in your body. 
– Make sure that you laugh as I witness a comic sight or read funny things. Laughter treats fatigue and gives you vitality and activity.

Progress in life is normal Do not make this bother you but live with him and seek to give yourself the right life to remain healthy and happy.

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