That’s why you should have a good breakfast

The results of a new Australian study that eating breakfast is the most important means of slimming and weight control, and that the morning meal is the most important between meals. The study shows that eating at the beginning of the day greatly affects the severity of the feeling of hunger throughout the day.Breakfast is an important tool for weight loss and weight control, and protein in the morning meal is an essential element

The study was conducted at the University of Melbourne and was published in the journal BMG. The results reinforced previous medical reports about the role of breakfast in reducing the amount of calories consumed by humans throughout the day.

Although the study indicated differences in the intensity of the effect of breakfast on attempts to slimming, but all adults benefit from breakfast to ease the feeling of hunger throughout the day.

The preferred foods for breakfast vary between eggs and luncheon with Anglophone culture, croissants and cheese in the northern Mediterranean, beans, eggs, chickpeas and thyme in the eastern and southern Mediterranean.

The higher the share of protein in breakfast, the greater the degree of satiety, and the sense of hunger and the rest of the day.

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