That’s why you do not drink soda with burgers

There is no doubt that you have heard that sugar-rich carbonated beverages increase weight, and that eating protein helps boost satiety and control appetite. But according to a new study combining sugary beverages like cola with protein-rich burgers sandwich slows the body’s burning of fat, and renews appetite quickly.The more sugar in food the lower the body’s ability to burn fat, and renewed appetite to eat faster

The results of the study were published in the Journal PNC Nutrition, and were based on an experiment to measure the body’s burning fat after a group of people ate a burger meal. The participants were divided into 4 groups, the first: I took 15 grams of protein with a soft drink containing sugar, and the second: I took the same amount with a drink without sugar.

The third and fourth groups took 30 grams of protein with the difference that one of the two groups did not drink sugar.

The higher the amount of sugar in food, the lower the body’s ability to burn fat, and the renewed appetite to eat faster, which is contrary to what is intended to eat protein.

It does not apply to burgers only. If you eat a breakfast of eggs and beans with a sugar-rich juice, the appetite will be renewed faster than the same meal with coffee or tea with a moderate amount of sugar.

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