Tension caused the delay of pregnancy

The birth of children is the culmination of marital happiness, but there are some couples complain of the problem of delayed pregnancy despite the work of all medical tests that prevent pregnancy and the results are positive, prompting them to ask what are the causes of delayed pregnancy.

The main reason for late pregnancy is due to the lack of fertility of a couple and the lifestyle plays an important role in delaying pregnancy , said Reinhard Hanen, founder of the Reproductive Assistance Center in the German capital of Berlin, that good knowledge of patients’ sick history contributes significantly to knowing the causes of delayed pregnancy or The absence of reproduction and adds that the presence of primary disease related to reproduction or surgery if some symptoms that lead to delayed pregnancy, such as severe menstrual disorders.

For example, in a man, the examination of sperm cells and their efficiency is very important to find out the causes of delay in pregnancy or in women measuring the ovulation and the size of the egg and its validity in addition to the examination of the fallopian tube. If the cause of non-reproduction is found organic, there are many techniques today to treat those Organic problems that prevent pregnancy

In addition to other factors that affect the fertility of the couple , including a genetic predisposition or weight gain and impact on ovulation among women Increasing weight among women it is often associated with the occurrence of defects in the hormonal balance, and also weight loss associated with the occurrence of severe disturbances in the menstrual cycle in women or decrease in the number ofsperm In men.

In addition to the organic causes that delay the occurrence of childbearing, the factor of age and psychological status are among the causes of non-reproduction , as with the age of life less than the annual ovulation of women and the decline in the number of sperm in men.

In addition, the factor of tension and anxiety of delayed pregnancy affects negatively on the marital relationship and then the occurrence of pregnancy, such cases do not exercise the relationship of the couple only in terms of vow and thus reduce the chances of pregnancy , so the couple to get rid of tension and anxiety spend a weekly or monthly holiday and away from Thinking a lot in the permanent question, why delay pregnancy?Close

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