Tensile treatment in the neck

There are many reasons that lead to the tightening of muscles and shoulder which is one of the most prominent health obstacles that are exposed to human beings of both sexes with different age, and we offer you the reasons and methods of treatment of muscle tension in the neck in this report on the site Rajim Ftabona.

  •  In the seventh cervical vertebrae.
  • The back muscles suffer from weakness in general.
  •  When you do a great muscle effort can not bear the body.
  •  Sit in a way that is not healthy and when tilting to the tip.
  • It occurs when the mobile phone is placed on the side of the neck and shoulder for a long time.
  •   Use the computer for a long time or sit behind the desk.
  •  Sleeping unhealthily like sitting using a pillow is very low.

We can reduce the problems of tightening the muscles of the neck and shoulder as well as get rid of the feeling of pain through several ways, the most prominent of which:

Massage the neck and shoulder continuously, which contributes to the relaxation of muscles and renewal of circulation and revitalization and reduce neck stiffness and stiffness.

Massage is recommended by doing a hot bath and then heating a teaspoon of massage with the area that is suffering from muscle tension in the knee or shoulder and is done in a circular manner for several minutes and can add mustard oil and coconut oil for better massage effectiveness.

Neck exercises contribute significantly to the treatment of neck tightening and stiffness and give the neck strength and eliminate the stiffness and reduce the pressure in the muscles.

These exercises are done by sitting in a straight position and then giving the body rest through a more relaxed position and then moving the head very slowly forward and backward for several minutes while working to repeat what we do continuously alternating between the neck and left shoulder and left for several minutes.

Swimming helps to vigorously replenish and stimulate blood circulation and increase muscle strength and contributes to the relaxation of all muscles of the body and not just the neck and shoulders.

Cold compresses that work quickly to eliminate muscle tension because cold water contributes to anesthesia pain and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid leading to convulsions and tensile It is also recommended to roll cubes of ice on a small towel and placed on the position of pain for approximately 15 minutes with repeated every two hours For two days until the pain is completely eliminated.

It is necessary to stay away from stress and anxiety, where mental state plays a prominent role in the elimination of muscle spasm.

Another solution is to have a physiotherapy session that eliminates neck problems if the cause of the disease is caused by a specialist doctor.

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