Ten reasons for delayed menstruation

Delayed menstruation hurts many women and increases their stress, but if waiting for pregnancy, am I pregnant? 
Pregnancy is or what comes to mind to be the cause of delayed menstrual cycle , but pregnancy is the only cause of delayed menstruation? Of course, we do not offer you in your “health today” more 10 reasons for the delay of menstrual cycle or the occurrence of menstrual disorders .


Tension affects many of the daily things. Women who suffer from stress and nervous pressure affect the lack of some hormones (GnRH), which leads to delayed ovulation and menstrual cycle , so you must keep away from stress when you are in the cycle.


Weight gain and accumulation of fat in the body leads to the storage of hormones in fat, which reduces the work of hormones in the body and delay the menstrual cycle , which also affects the occurrence of ovulation and pregnancy, and most women overweight women cycle back to regularity once the following diet programs to reduce the weight .

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Some diseases, such as cold warts or general weakness, lead to delay of the menstrual cycle and the delay is temporary, as soon as the body is able to regenerate the menstrual cycle again.

Change the biological clock

Working for long periods of night with irregular hours of sleep leads to a disturbance in the biological clock that regulates the work of the body, which affects the ability of the body to maintain theorganization of the date of the menstrual cycle .

Change medications

Perhaps a change after medication is the reason for the delay or interruption of your menstrual cycle , so you should tell your doctor about the medications you are taking and a question about the side effects of those drugs.

The thinness of the shoulder

Being underweight or underweight sometimes stops your menstrual cycle or amenorrhea or menopause. You should try to gain weight by knowing the causes and treatment of thinness that helps regularize your menstrual cycle .

Pre-Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is the period between the period of fertility and menopause, during which some of the symptoms that precede permanent discontinuation of the menstrual cycle, such as a change in the dates of arrival and duration of the menstrual cycle and change in the amount of blood associated with menstruation, it is possible to be frequent menstruation sometimes and interruption of the cycle for months, Increase the doctor to describe some hormones that help to overcome that stage without anxiety.

Menopause or menopause

Period of menopause or age of Elias, which means stopping the process of ovulation and interruption of the menstrual cycle. Menopause is considered a natural thing at the age of puberty or it may cause some surgical procedures such as hysterectomy or some types of chemotherapy for certain tumors.

other reasons

The menstrual cycle is often 28 days for women but not for some women. Some women have more than 35 days, so you should know the time period after ovulation two weeks to be your appointment.


Pregnancy is the most common cause of delayed menstrual cycle and you can simply make a home pregnancy test to measure hormone pregnancy (hormone hCG) If the result is positive, you have confirmed the cause of the delay of your menstrual cycle .

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