Symptoms quit smoking after a week

The symptoms of smoking cessation, which is one of the behaviors that are very harmful to human health and around him, some believe it is very important because it empties the energy and concerns, but on the contrary, they lose and take away his life but without feeling, smoking is a key factor and a major cause of cancer, especially lung cancer and also cause heart problems Blood vessels and sudden strokes in addition to early aging that appear clear on the face, body, teeth and others.Tobacco damage

  • Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, including at least 250 substances known to be harmful, and more than 50 substances known to cause cancer.
  • Tobacco kills about half of all tobacco users.
  • Each year, tobacco kills about 6 million people, more than 5 million of whom use or have already used it, and more than 600,000 non-smokers exposed to smoking.
  • If urgent action is not taken, the death burden could increase to more than 8 million deaths by 2030.
  • About 80% of the world’s 1 billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Tobacco caused 100 million deaths in the 20th century. If current trends continue, it will cause about one billion deaths in the twenty-first century.
  • Almost half the children regularly breathe air polluted with tobacco smoke.
  • More than 40% of children smoke at least one parent.
  • In 2004, children accounted for 28% of deaths from second-hand smoke.

Symptoms quit smoking after a week

Because of quitting smoking, the individual feels very nervous, tense and anxious because of the lack of nicotine in the blood, so you have to walk a lot in open areas and talk a lot with people in addition to the need to eat fruits and vegetables a lot.

After smoking, the smoker feels tired and tired and the general weakness in the body and has to resist and bear this feeling tired and will always feel dizziness and headache and can get rid of them through rest and sleep and natural juices.

It can cause gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and can be eliminated by eating and fruits rich in dietary fiber and drinking water a lot during the day.

The smoker feels dry and dry throat and mouth. To get rid of this annoying feeling, he has to drink plenty of cold water and natural juices. He also feels chest pain and a severe cough to quit smoking and can get rid of it by drinking boiled water daily.

As a result of the smoker’s smoking, the proportion of nicotine in the body decreases, leading to a reduction in blood sugar. Thus, the smoker feels constant hunger and the constant desire to eat irregularly, resulting in weight gain.

The smoker feels when he leaves to smoke with a lot of mixed feelings, but they all recede in anger, including anger, boredom, frustration, nervousness and a lot of emotions on the most extreme causes, and even amplifies the scales and escalation.

The smoker will suffer from sleep deprivation and lack of ability, but you can overcome this feeling by eating warm milk before sleeping, and you will feel a change in the sound and the presence of an unpleasant breezy but quickly disappear this blight, in addition to the numbness in your hand, which I used to hold The cigarette during smoking as a result of the cessation of muscle activity, which you were doing in this hand, but you can stimulate them through the exercise.Foods help you quit smoking

  • Eating vegetables, fruits and dairy products makes the taste of cigarettes in the mouth not desirable at all,
  • So many of them, in case you feel weak and back smoking one day,
  • You will only feel an unpleasant taste that will force you to give up cigarettes again.
  • Avoid eating red meat, coffee and soft drinks, because they make the taste of cigarettes in your mouth desirable and desirable.
  • Calming herbs such as kennensons and chamomile, for example, reduce cravings or cravings for a cigarette.
  • Foods rich in fiber, such as spinach and spinach, for example, help to quickly remove toxins from smoking.
  • Eating fish twice a week reduces the harmful effect of tobacco on the body.
  • Eat vitamin C in an appropriate amount (recommended by your doctor) because smoking eliminates this vitamin in the body originally.
  • Warm herbal baths and massage help to quickly rid the body of the toxins that are caused by smoking, and thus help the body’s unwillingness to smoke again.
  • Fasting The best treatment for post-smoking, try to fast two days a week at least in the first period to return your body to the new situation. And a special advice, but of course must be done under the supervision of a specialist doctor, tried
  • Followed by a diet consisting only of natural juice and not canned, your body will get rid of nicotine in a very short period of time.
  • Drink large quantities of water, especially when you feel like wanting a cigarette now.
  • Aerobic exercise is essential for the most extreme. It reduces the stress caused by non-smoking (withdrawal of nicotine). It helps to release the same substance that causes ecstasy in the case of smoking, which is produced by the brain.
  • It is called endorphine. Aerobic exercise also prevents weight gain after stopping smoking.

Symptoms quit smoking after a week

• Make a list of the reasons for quitting smoking, such as wasting time, money and health, and keep this list in several places, such as kitchen, office, bathroom, bedroom and car, and be careful to review the moments of desire to smoke.

If someone asks you for a cigarette, tell him, “I am a non-smoker” and do not say “I am quitting smoking”. Do not always try to worry that you will quit smoking, because that may make you feel that you have lost something.

* Be sure to get rid of cigarette packs, extinguished, sulfur and the glue, and make it difficult.

* Put cigarette residue in a large glass vase, as this reminds you of the extent of the damage it caused to your health, as well as its unpleasant smell.

* Make sure to clean the clothes to get rid of the smell of cigarettes stuck by and surround yourself with a pure climate and smell beautiful at home and work place .. Etc.

* Be sure to visit a doctor , to rid teeth of yellow spots caused by smoking.

* Avoid smoking-related habits, such as smoking habit, reading newspapers to enter the toilet in the morning, smoking while driving, after eating, exposure to stress and tension, or thinking about a problem etc.

* Be sure to postpone the first morning cigarette for an hour per day, and gradually increase this period before the day set for permanent cessation of smoking.

* Be careful to use the brush, walk on foot after eating, instead of smoking a cigarette.

* Be careful to use the siwaak, whenever you feel the need to grab the cigar.

Feeling self-rewarding: Be sure to list the benefits you have been harvesting from the first moment you quit smoking, especially enjoying self-control, saving money, enjoying the smell and taste of food, and feeling more energized.

When you want to smoke a cigarette remember those benefits, and be sure to read them frequently.Symptoms of quit smoking

Smoking triggers play a major role in the occurrence of relapse and decline, and the most important of these stimuli:

* Self-justification, such as repeating negative thoughts and phrases such as “one cigarette does not hurt” or “I deserve a cigarette because I did my job perfectly.”

* The temptations of others, through some comments, such as «you can take a cigarette» or «sure you need a cigarette to adjust your bad mood».

• Smoking-induced attitudes, such as the presence of a large number of smokers, loneliness and boredom, during periods of relaxation, drinking coffee, exposure to long-distance working and driving pressures, talking on the phone, watching television, commercials, erotic films,

Be Active and Active Movement:

Activity and movement saves you from the urgency and desire to smoke because it helps to excrete chemicals in the body that reduce stress, anxiety and mood disorders.

Walking is one of the most basic activities you can do. The more you can diversify into your daily activities, the more you can overcome boredom, and the more positive the motivation to quit smoking.

* Be concerned with more work to get rid of the desire and desire to smoke.

* Support for friends and wife, family members and society, are important factors for permanent cessation of smoking.

* Be sure to have more supporters who are interested in you and help you quit smoking, and stay away from the spoilers who are trying to spoil your efforts.

* Ask a friend or someone else who has the same positive motivation to quit smoking.

* Tell your family, friends and surroundings that you will quit smoking on the specific day you have chosen.

* Be sure to read success stories to quit smoking through the Internet and your surroundings.

* Be sure to hire a friend who has been able to get rid of smoking, and ask for help and support.

* It is OK to use nicotine alternatives or drugs officially approved by reliable scientific bodies or commit to a program to quit smoking with one of the specialized therapeutic clinics in this regard.

* Alternatives to nicotine help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal of nicotine without exposure to the impact of dangerous tobacco smoke, and reduce the desire to smoke again and increase the chances of success in the final quit smoking.

* Nicotine substitutes should be used under medical supervision and are available in several forms, including nasal sprays, chewing gum, healthy nicotine cigarettes, nicotine stick or sublingual tablets.

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