Symptoms of the wisdom tooth buried

Many adolescents and adults suffer from the symptoms of buried tooth sphincter, which causes serious damage to the teeth and gums, which causes serious complications if neglected, and in this article we review together common symptoms about the buried wisdom of the brain, as well as the causes and how to treat them.

What is the incense of the buried mind?

Is a type of grinder that grinds food before swallowing to be able to digest well, and the son of the brain is the third stage of the completion of grinding teeth, which begins to appear and penetrate the gums between the age of seventeen and the age of twenty-fifth person, and can appear in the correct position If there is enough space to contain it, the human has four noses of the mind grinding, and is centered on four sides of the mouth, where two are stationed at the top of the jaw and two below.

As for the incense of the buried mind, it is the tooth which does not have enough space to appear in the jaw, which results in warping and leaving the familiar shape, becomes inclined to the rest of the teeth, or becomes buried can not appear and penetrate the gums like any other teeth or become inverse any direction to direction Which results in the appearance of the symptoms of the pain of the buried pain.Symptoms of the upper – buried mind

Symptoms of the wisdom tooth buried

There are many painful symptoms that result from the emergence of the spit of the mind from the fashionable pattern of growth, because of the congestion caused by permanent teeth in the jaw, especially if large, and the most important symptoms of the wisdom of the buried or buried mind as known:

  • Swollen gums from time to time due to the wrong development of the tooth.
  • Bleeding of the gums, especially the gums surrounding the incisor of the brain.
  • Gum surrounding the biting of the brain to bacteria and microbes, which result in the injury of the person many intestinal diseases and others.
  • The person suffers from an unpleasant smell of the mouth, which can not be treated until after removing the tooth completely and get rid of it.
  • Injury to a migraine headache or entire head, as a result of the pain accompanying the buried brain.
  • External swelling due to swelling of the inner jaw.
  • The incidence of tooth decay, especially of the buried brain, which the person can not access to clean it.

The bottom of the mind is inflamed

How To Treat The Symptoms Of Sprained Mind Insulin?

  • The treatments are antibiotics taken by a doctor’s consultation, which fight bacteria and microbes by decomposition, and then work to soothe the resulting swelling, and it can contain inflammation in the surrounding gums.
  • The person also takes painkillers prescribed by the doctor to reduce pain.
  • The final stage of treatment is to remove the wisdom tooth completely to get rid of the pain once and for all.

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