Symptoms of quit smoking after two months

One of the most difficult decisions that can be taken by some in his life is to quit the habit of smoking bad and harmful to health, but not only the phase of quitting smoking is the hardest, but there is another period after which difficult and need patience, giving the body enough time to be able to get rid of toxins, , So the person who has decided to quit smoking may have some symptoms. In this article we will learn about the most important symptoms of smoking cessation after two months, follow us.

After two months of leaving the habit of smoking, the body may have some symptoms and annoying side effects so that the body can expel the toxins caused by smoking and the harmful nicotine. The most common symptoms of smoking quit after two months are:

One of the most common symptoms of a person who is quitting smoking is coughing and coughing, and this is because the lung is cleaning itself from the toxins that inhaled in this way.

The person who has quit smoking also feels a hoarseness in his voice and a slight change in the tone of his voice as if there is a rattle in his throat, but it will disappear later.

After you quit smoking you will be surprised by the swelling and protruding in the bone of your eyes, and this is because of the return of the eye to turn over again, as during the smoking period was holding oxygen and disturb the flow of blood to the eyes.

as such. During the post-smoking period, you experience numbness and numbness in the hand that you used to hold on to, whether it was your left or right hand. This is due to the lack of muscle activity in the hand you were playing. You can get rid of this exercise by boxing to stimulate The muscles of the new.Symptoms of quit smoking after two months

One of the most common natural symptoms after quitting smoking is the injury of the forces in many times throughout the day, and this is due to the withdrawal of nicotine from the body, in this case it is better to eat a glass of fresh juice .

Chronic constipation is also one of the most common symptoms of smoking after some gastrointestinal disorders.

In order to get rid of this condition, you can increase the intake of salads and soups, especially those containing tomatoes because they are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, which helps to overcome symptoms of chronic smoking in general.

It is also very common to suffer with smoking cessation and severe sleep disorders, especially in the early days of smoking cessation, because of your different habits of sleep, preferably a cup of warm milk added drops of water of the dice.

The psychological side effects experienced by the person who quit smoking is to enter into a state of depression and exposure to severe positions of nervousness, emotion and anger, and this is because of the impact of withdrawal of nicotine from the brain.

There are also some beneficial changes that occur on the body after quitting smoking, including:

Regularity levels , which improves circulation activity. 
The lower the level of carbon in the body, the greater the oxygen input to the blood cells. 
Improve your sense of taste and smell naturally. 
Eliminate acute respiratory distress. 
Low risk of heart disease. 
Reduce exposure to acute heart attacks. 
Reduce the chances of strokes. 
Low risk of lung cancer, esophagus, throat and bladder. 
Reduce the risk of eye fracture.

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