Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy occurs by 1% of pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancy is caused by the fertilization of the fertilized egg itself outside the uterus. Usually, the egg is in the fallopian tube. In a few cases, the ectopic pregnancy occurs in the abdomen and in the cervix.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy usually appear during the first three months of pregnancy, and then the woman feels some dizziness, nausea and vomiting, but usually women ignore these symptoms and think it is a symptom of pregnancy , Apart from these symptoms there are also many other signs that distinguish ectopic pregnancy .

If not detected and treated in a timely manner can be ectopic pregnancy killer of time, and that is because the egg is growing rapidly and may lead to the rupture of the fallopian tube, leading to internal bleeding.

It is therefore absolutely necessary for pregnant women to be aware of signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, so that further complications can be avoided. What are the most common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? Follow the next article on “Your Health Today” to learn about more signs of ectopic pregnancy.

Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding can be considered a sign of ectopic pregnancy . When the egg implants itself in the fallopian tube, some hemorrhage occurs and the blood color is then light brown and it is formed from the blood color during the normal menstrual cycle where the fluid is more. Over time, the amount of blood increases and the doctor should be consulted quickly when blood drops from the vagina are seen during pregnancy .

The bowel movement is abnormal

The fertilized egg outside the uterus causes an uncomfortable feeling of bowel movement, so the bowel movement is irregular and the pregnant woman has difficulty in defecation or seizures of constipation and diarrhea, as well as feeling pain during urination.

Acute pain in the abdomen

Is the feeling of Palm lower abdomen and one of the most symptoms of ectopic pregnancy is obvious, some women may feel the presence of pain in the side of the abdomen first and then increases and spreads the entire abdominal area to cause pain and discomfort , especially when coughing or urinating with some itching in the pelvic area and cramps lower abdomen.

Sharp shoulder pain

Another important indicator of ectopic pregnancy is the appearance of pain in the shoulder area. The pain usually starts in the neck and then later down to the shoulder. The pain is the result of the internal defect that affects the functions of the nerves, and exacerbates the feeling of pain and fail all attempts to prevent the feeling of pain below the shoulder and in the neck of the massage, and pain is evident when lying on the back.


One of the symptoms of late ectopic pregnancy, where the case of ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed late, where the pregnant woman is shocked by low blood pressure and feeling weak and inertia and paleness of the face and skin, and must be hospitalized immediately when these symptoms.

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